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Pain Management Doctors - Fraud
11 Replies
cryfreeman - December 29

My dad has Fibro and has had it for several years. He, like many others has been on numerous pain/neurological/other prescription medications. Personally, I do not have Fibro and I don't totally understand the disease. His doctor, which is a psychiatrist, currently has him on 180mg of Cymbalta, along with Ambien and hydrocodone. What amazes me is that he is supposed to be counseling him, instead I find him just to be "doping" him up. The doctor has told him for years that he needs to be on a specific dient (which he does not do), he needs to be on a routine (which he does not do), and also that he needs exercise (again, which he does not do). Some of my family members believe that he is bi polar which I disagree. I believe that he has been on so much medication that it has "fried" his brain. He is NOT the same person he was 5 years ago, maybe even longer. He is moody, ugly, mean, and the list could go on. He has now totally detached himself from my mother which he is now ready to divorce. She has not been the most supportive, but he truly does not realize how much she does for him. With all of this being said, I am ready to report his doctor to the medical board because he continues to medicate my father with my father not doing any of the home therapy he is supposed to be doing. My philosophy is, if you are not willing to help yourself, drugs are not the sole answer. Please give me your opinon!!


Fantod - December 29

My first issue with your post is a psychiatrist posing as a pain specialist. They are NOT pain specialists and should not be presenting themselves as such.

Has your father ever seen a rheumotologist? This is the primary doctor who treats fibromyalgia (FMS). You can find a fibro-friendly rhuemotologist in your area by going to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and getting a referral. It may be that your Dad needs a pain specialist too. Get a referral from the rheumotologist.

You say that you don't totally understand FMS. I'd like to suggest that you become and educated consumer now. Take some time to throughly read all of the information posted on the left hand side of this page. You will know what to look for and the questions to ask by doing this.

FMS is a malfunction of the central nervous system. The pain receptors get stuck in the on position. The mechanism that causes this is not understood and there is no cure. It is recognised by the CDC and the National Arthitis Foundation. FMS can be managed fairly effectively but it takes time and a lot of trial and error. Imagine having a bad case of the flu 24/7 and trying to cope with daily living too. Chronic pain is demoralizing, debilitating and on the really bad days you feel like you are being eaten alive.

The drugs that are used to treat FMS are usually antidepressants. But, only certain classes of medication work. OTC medication does not work.
I took a look at the side effects caused by hydrocodone and many of the symptoms you describe (moody, ugly etc) could be caused by that drug. However, he should NOT be taken off of any medication except under a doctor's care. Cymbalta should not be stopped suddenly. I imagine the same would apply to hydrocodone.

I find it interesting that you complain that be does not exercise, follow a diet or routine. I probably wouldn't either if I allowed myself to get away with it. Given that your Dad is not receiving proper medical care, and probably suffering from drug side effects it is no wonder he doesn't have an interest in helping himself.

As far as the diet goes, unless he is out and about, someone is doing the grocery shopping and enabling him to eat things he should not have. Those items should include lunch meat (nitrates), diet anything (pop, artifical sweetner etc) and deep fried foods. Any of the latter will probably make his pain level rise. If an artifical sweetner is needed, go to the health food store and buy Steiva. It is a good tasting, nontoxic sweetner that should not impact his pain levels.

Your whole family is going to have to get on the same page about his treatment plan and which doctor he is going to see from now on. Once you have a new doctor in place, I would report his current doctor to the medical board of your state. This is going to be a tough time for you and your family. It is going to take time and a lot of patience to get your Dad through what will basically be an intervention process. I wish you the best of luck and hope that better days are ahead. Take care.


toots2889 - December 29

cryfreeman, I was reading your post and couldnt help but feel alittle upset by it. First of all, it doesnt sound like your family has taken the effort to understand his fibro. If your family wont do the research and try to understand whats going on with him, and what hes going through, how can you judge.
Secondly, your dad maybe getting this way because he doesnt feel any support from you guys. He probably has no one he feels he can talk to about this and how hes feeling.
Third, he has to be trying to help himself somewhat or he wouldnt be seeing a counselor. Its hard to find what is going to help and whats not. This effects everyone differently, therefore what works for one may not work for him. It takes time and alot of trying different things to find what will work. It can be very discouraging and hopeless at times.
Im not the same person i was prior to having fibro either. Your limited, and your whole life changes. Do you know what its like waking up everyday and knowing that your day totally revolves on how you wake up feeling?
My suggestion is that you all get to know all you can about fibro, and then try to be there for him, and showing him that he has your support and understanding. It could make all the difference in the way he responds.


cryfreeman - December 29

Don't be hating to much...I truly understand what you are saying. I can't say that I know nothing about Fibro because I have done research on it, I just don't consider myself to be a guru. I truly respect your/ya'lls opinion and that's why I decided to write on a forum. Of course my dad's situation is way more complicated than I was able to write about. Unfortunately, I know there is no easy answer. I just fear that all of the medication is killing him. And when I see him stay up half the night, gorging himself with sugar, and getting no exercise, that just really makes me angry because I do not feel like he is trying to help himself. As for the comments from Fantod, I found out from my mother that he sees the psychiatrist because of an anxiety disorder. He does see his rheumatologist every 3 months and he is the one that gives him the Ambien and Hydrocodone. I am trying to understand the best that I can because after my mom leaves, he will not be able to take care of himself...and that makes me worried also!!


jacquie - December 29

First of all, psychiatrists are the very last thing someone with fibro needs. How do I know this? My fibro started at age 9, I am now 51. I've been schlepped off to shrinks since my teenage years and I'm surprised to still be alive with all the meds they had me on. I've told my present docs this also. The best drug I've tried so far (and I have bags worth of prescription drugs which are ueseless)is pot. I had stopped my welbutrin and zoloft rather abruptly (due to lack of funds) and went into a four month depression. My scars are now healing. I thought if cancer patients can smoke pot for pain and it has been proven to work, what could it do for fibro? Well, let me tell you...plenty. Despite 120 mg Cymbalta, 2 mg Klonopin, 50 mg trazodone at night I would still wake up 3-4 times with pain sometimes so bad I couldn't fall back to sleep. Eight docs haven't been able to relieve my chronic insomnia until that night I took a few hits and fell right back to sleep. Let me just say this, sleep is the most important symptom of fibro to get under control. If you're not well rested, you can't fight the pain and fatigue. This great land of ours (USA) has been doing a grave injustice to people who suffer from chronic pain by not legalizing this drug. I usually always took vicodin for pain, but it just touches the surface of the pain and if I take it for several days as prescribed, I'm high and walking around like a complete idiot. Can't remember anything. And this is okay with our FDA and medical doctors? Are you kidding me? Find him a doc who specializes in fibro. It only be easy. I'm on rheumatologist No. 6, and he's the best I've seen so far. Diet, exercise, and vitamins don't work if your fatigued and in pain, but there are alot of docs making alot of money out of that protocol. Nobody fully understands fibro because its primarily a women's illness and like all women's illnesses, research is slow or non-existant. In Feb. 2007, another report was released on the effects of aspirin on women. Aspirin? Yup. Never studied how it affected women. Any doctor worth his stuff knows that this is a fact. I used to work for a pharmaceutical company for many years. Its a tough journey but please continue with your compassion for all who suffer. I pray for the absolute best for you and your father.


Fantod - January 2

I still think that you should have your father reevaluated by a new rheumotologist. A fresh set of eyes may work wonders.


aharryman - January 2

The only thing harder than raising your kids is raising your parents. It's hard for anyone to feel patient and happy when they are in pain, and one thing I have found to be true for me is that it does not feel natural to accept advice from someone whose butt I put in diapers (and I have seven kids, some of them actually pretty smart)I know with my aging parents, there isn't anything I can do legally to or for them while they are still able to make their own decisions, and aging people really fear a loss of independence. But I still worry/ You can offer your dad advice but he is free to listen to it or disregard it just like you may have done when he advised you. I hope you can find some peace, if you do report the doctor try not to expect quick results or vindication because that process is long and very slow.


axxie - January 21

Get your dad to a rheumy please and don't stop until you get a good one. Your father is a basket case at the moment, he's on the wrong pills. The diet is quite simply no artificial anything that means, no chocolate, no chips, no colas, you get my drift. Small meals 4 or five times a day, and please stay away from miracle cures, that doesn't work. As for smoking pot, hey I'm willing to try it, it might be better then the pain I'm in. Good luck to you


JOEGIRL - February 14

You said a mouthfull when you said,
''I'm not the same person i was prior to having fibro.''
I know my life has changed so much. Sometimes I get so depressed and I just cry out that'' I want my life back!''
It really gets to me at times when one of my friends wants to make plans to go do something the next day and I have to say. I will let you know in the morning if I feel like it. Before fibro I was ready for the world. I know my friends don't understand sometimes because I can't even understand it myself.


Anne Hillebrand - February 14

JoeGirl and others.

The most important thing anyone with Fibro can learn is your Saliva pH. It should be 7.4



slovejf33 - May 13

i think your father may need an antidepressant or a different one if he uses one already. i had to try 4 before i found one that actually helps. it keeps me in a good mood 95 % of the time, even when in pain.(which is always, as everybody here knows) great luck with your father, i pray he gets the help he needs.


axxie - May 14


It's tough seeing your dad go through these numerous ups and down. You can't live it, and you see injustice. You may not think that the psychiatrist is doing a good job, maybe the rheumy isn't either. What I would like to point out to you is, have you ever been to his medical appointments, I would bet you didn't. You see your dad may or may not tell the psychiatrist and the rheumy everything. It's quite possible, that he may not remember by the time his next appointment rolls around. Maybe you could get closer to your dad and ask him if he would like for you to go with him, tell him in the nicest possible way that you know he is feeling under the weather and that you have seen first hand that the treatments are not co-existing together and that you would like for him to live a great life and that if you would go with him, you might be asking extra questions that would help him with the meds he is taking. Have you ever read the labels on his pills, and have you ever wondered that maybe he may not be taking the dose correctly. When you are with him, ask him to tell you how he is feeling and record the information in a diary. That way you can develop a chart that he may want to bring to the doctor or that you can bring and talk to the doctors to see if there are ways to change his method of taking is pain medication. If you or your mom are enabling him by letting him eat the sweets then maybe you can suggest to your mom now to buy them. On another note, your mom should get out of the house, do exercise together at the local gym, so that she too can let steam off. It's not fun for your mom to see the man she married be so doped up but she also needs to write to this forum, and do something just for herself and the same for you.
Please ask your mom to write to the board, you can also write and ask us anything, we will be here to answer as best we can. Maybe if both understand what your dad is going through, you might be able to team up together and get him on a new path, that will enable him to change.
Good luck to you, your mom, your family and your dad.



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