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pain management central ohio
3 Replies
dkarssen79 - November 3

Hi! Just wondering if anyone can recommend a fibro friendly pain management specialist in central ohio. I'm already seeing a rheumatologist, but still having so much pain that I think seeing a pain management specialist and seeing if there are any other options will help. Thanks!!



I do not live in Ohio but I can relate as to how you feel. I see a rheumy as well. But she won't give me any medication. I did see a Pain Specialist like a year and a half ago. It was horrible. I was also 95 pounds heavier. BUT he told me that I needed to exercise and do physical therapy. I have done physical therapy over a dozen times and it is always bad. It causes me to flare up and it makes it worse. I will NEVER go again...

Hopefully you can find a pain specialist that believes in giving pain medication and is willing to help you ;) Keep us posted!

BTW, what meds do you take now for pain/fibro?


dkarssen79 - November 3

I have the same problem. I have a very hard time exercising or even doing mild stretching etc, that puts me into a flare up too.

Right now I am taking gabapentin 300 mg 3 times a day and right now i'm also on vicodin due to severe pain I'm having in my back. I've been on savella and lyrica. Rheumy took me off of savella due to psychiatrist putting me on lexapro. the only thing lyrica really did for me was cause me to gain 30 lbs with in a matter of a couple of months.

I get such severe knots in my neck, shoulders and back where the tender points are that I can't stand it. I seem to have a really bad knot where the tender point is lower right back, it's causing so much pain right now I'm having a hard time walking. It causes severe pain in my thigh and hamstring. I just had xrays of my back and they came back normal. I can feel where the knot is and when i massage it, i get a shooting pain down my leg. So I'm hoping the pain management specialist will be able to help me with that.

I have a pretty good team right now, my pcp is pretty knowledgable about fibro, I also see a psychiatrist and rheumy. I just feel like the pain isn't under control as much as I would like it to be and this time of year things get much worse. I've already missed several days of work and it's not even super cold yet.

Thanks for the post, hopefully I can find someone that will help and not make things worse!! I will keep you posted!


Fantod - November 3

Call your local hospital and ask for the physician referral service. See if they can recommend a pain management specialist with an interest in Fibromyalgia. Take care.



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