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Pain Management
3 Replies
txsunsets - October 29

I called the Pain Management Clinic at the hospital and asked if they treat patients with FMS she told me no because that usually isn't treated with narcotics. What am i suppose to do now???


Fantod - October 30

What a ridiculous response. She is right that FMS is not typically treated with narcotics. But to suggest that you should excluded from seeing a pain specialist is outrageous. There are other things that a pain specialist can do in tandem with the rest of your medical team. If nothing else, they may suggest a different combination of medication, diffferent doses or other completely new medication that no one else has considered. My advice is call them again and insist on an appointment. It may be that you do need narcotics. It is certainly not an area of expertise of the front desk personnel and you should not settle for their say so on your health issues. You must be your own best adovcate for this illness. Unfortunately, it often means that you must insist in the face of resistance. If desk pounding is what is required to get assistance than you must do it. I would also call the customer service department at the hospital and complain to them as well. This is bound to happen to some else in the same situation if you let them get away with it. Good luck and take care.


txsunsets - October 30

Fantod, thank you so much for your response. I will do exactly what you have suggested. Fibro Hugs


Fantod - October 31

Good for you! It is so very important to stand up for yourself especially with this illness. In my opinion, it is an important part of coping with FMS. It is unfortunate that anyone who is ill should be put in this position. But, I have to tell you there is a certain satisfaction to be gained in standing your ground. Let u sknow how you do. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.



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