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Pain in Upper Back
5 Replies
Kiwigirl - June 20

Hi there, does anyone have this or know what it is? For about the last week, I have been getting really bad pain in my upper back only when I am laying down. It eases off soon after I get up. Have been to my Doctor, who said there is nothing she can do, but did refer me to the pain clinic, but that could take up to a year to get in. Does anyone have any ideas on how to relieve this. I have to get up all through the night to let the pain settle, so not getting much sleep.


Noca - June 22

Try some benzos. They relax muscles and can relieve pain related to muscle tension.


powderblue - June 28

Hi Kiwigirl

Just read your post. Where abouts do you live. I live in Auckland. Have you tried modifying what you are lying on such as having padding or a soft mattress or maybe even an electric blanket as it it winter and maybe the cold could be making it worse.


Kiwigirl - June 28

Hi Powderblue
I am in Sunny Nelson and its pouring with rain at the moment!!
I have one of those egg crate shaped foam toppers over my mattress and then sleep on a sheepskin rug so didn't think cold would be the problem. The pain has eased up somewhat over the last few days, so not sure what what was going on, but I have been really bad since winter set in.
Thanks for the reply.


Beone - June 28

Hi Kiwigirl
I live in Dunedin and have found my symptoms have got very intense lately back pain, shoulder,arms and rib pains as well, the weather is not helping us at the moment as with the lunar eclipse and full moon,
I found rolling around on tennis ball under my back can help relieve the pressure points.
Love Beone.


powderblue - June 28

Hi Kiwigirl. Yes I hope this rain gives up soon. I wonder about the humidity too. There is another measure called something like the dew point which also indicates the true stickiness of the air. Hope you find some relief soon. Your comment Beone about earthquakes was interesting. So FMS hypersensitivity is useful for something. My email address is powderblue_8atyahoodotcom (this website doesn't allow email addresses in the normal configuration). I am interested in setting up an email list or maybe something nationwide. There is only one support group in the whole of Auckland but I imagine there isn't much where you guys live. Take care Trish



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