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Pain in the heels
6 Replies
ckosciel - September 13

I am new here so hello. I am having severe pain my heels especially after walking on pavement. I wear good walking sneakers but does not help. I also notice the pain if I have been sitting for an extended period of time. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?


m.e. - September 13

Carol, my fibro started with foot pain - plantar fasciaitis. My arch and heel were VERY painful. Have you checked into this? m.e.


Fantod - September 13

I agree with m.e. - you should get checked out immediately for plantar fasciitis. I've had it myself and it is extremely painful. I have permanent tendon damage in one foot because I was unable to get an appointment as quickly as needed.
It is treated with an anti-inflammatory and usually orthotics are needed as well. Take care.


axxie - September 15

I also agree with m.e., I've had plantar fasciaitis and it is very painful. Go see your primary physician and talk about it. I got orthotics and my feet have thanked me since. Well worth the investment.


ckosciel - September 20

Thanks for the input, I will get it checked out. Never thought of plantar fasciaitis.


katrinalove_1 - September 26

Hi, Yes I had the pain in one food then the other for two years. It was plantars Fasciitis. I went to physical therapy for several weeks for both feet. I did foot exercises that they gave me and did them for over two years. I have neuropathy in my feet now which is very painfull. If this continues see Podiatrist. I also had five painfull shots in my heels. I also received ultrasound with the physical therapy. Good luck.


katrinalove_1 - September 26

Hi ckosciel, I also wear orthotics at fifty dollars a pair. My podiatrist sells them in his office. Don't wait to long because your feet might keep getting worse. I have CKD so I can't take anti inflamatory medications. I also have severe pain and cramps in my feet, probably a combination of fibro. and neuropathy. Hope this helps you.



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