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pain in ribs
8 Replies
stephani - March 21

has anyone been experiencing pain in there ribs at all?


summer1 - March 21

Hiya yes i have hun,sometimes it gets chronic and is very painful,i think its part of the fibro.


jacobea - March 22

I get this a lot, and often it is so bad that it makes breathing painful. I think it is prolly costochondritis, which is under chest pain on this site, but i am no expert.


stephani - March 22

hey i am not happy to hear you are experiencing the pain in the ribs. but sometimes i feel as though i am losing my mind. this past month i have been having excruciating pain and it hurts when i breathe also. any hints on relief?


slovejf33 - May 28

I too have chest pain- most days my entire rib cage is tender, even to the touch and it is impossible to twist my upper body. good luck


VictoriaB - May 28

This has been one of my worst symptoms this past year, I feel just like I have been in a car accident! It hurts to breathe sometimes and it really bothers me to bend over. It has finally eased up since doc has increased my pain meds! Hope it gets better!


Fantod - June 1

Here is another potential solution for your pain/costchrondritis. Ask your doctor to write you a script for Ketoprofen topical cream. It can be made in 10, 20 or 30% strengths. Lidocaine can be added to it as well. This has to be made by a compound pharmacy. If there is not one close to your home, the script can be faxed and they will mail the medicine to you. Ketoprofen is a pain killing cream that does not get into your bloodstream. It should always be applied to clean skin. Use rubbing alcohol prior to each use or put it on right after you get out of the shower. It works best on warm, clean skin. Never layer Ketoprofen, it will not work as well. You can put a layer of saran wrap over the affected area after applying Ketoprofen for NOT MORE than 2 hours. This will really help the cream absorb into the skin and make it more effective. I use 20% strength regularly and it has been a lifesaver. Take care.


Natasha31 - June 1

Hay Sweetie, Yes Pain in the ribs, standing makes it worse and feel so sick with the pain, sometimes the bones on my bra's kill, It is part of my fibro along with everything else, i have to try and stretch it out and crack but this is very painfull indeed but relieved slightly afterwords Chin up Chick Nat x


Natasha31 - June 1

Oh try placing a heat pack over the area or if it is burning i used to use cold wet tissue just to eas it a little but cold can really agrivate it depends on you.



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