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Pain in glands, fatique, musle pain?
7 Replies
Teresa M - July 31

I am looking for answers to the whole diagnosis of fybromyalgia and hope your imput will help. I have been told many of my symptoms are fibromyalgia as long ago as 12 years ago. Back then I felt it was just a catch phrase when nothing else could be diagnosed. I am very active, never felt depressed, always very energetic, and continue to fight the symptoms I am experiencing with everything I have. I try so hard to act like everything is normal, and to do everything I have always done, but it is getting harder and harder. I am 46 and my symptoms include very painful lymph nodes (but not swollen throughout my body, constant achiness, muscle pain and weakness and stiffness. I feel like I have a fever all of the time, but I dont. I am tired of worrying that my symptoms are in some way life threatening, that is the only stress I really feel about all of this. I would like to know if anyone else has felt the same way, I can see many of you have had similar symptoms. I need to feel better and dont really know what the next step should be. I continue to exercise and live my life, but any help would be appreciated, Thanks Teresa


tonyab1838 - September 21

I am right there with you Teresa. Especially the achiness and the loss of muscle control. All I can tell you is to just keep exercising and just keep living your life. A new symptom of mine is when I am getting up my legs like to sometimes go limp. You are in my thoughts. Take care of yourself and God bless!!


Jean - September 21

My symptoms hit at the same age. I, like you am very active, work hard and play hard. You will learn that you will have to cut back some. At this age I would also look into homonal changes which can cause some of the same symptoms. I am still fighting with mine and will continue until I can some relief as everyone does with this condition. I am believing that their is more to this than all the literature is stating but my advice to you right now is to get all your hormones checked, if there is a sleep disorder, which in some cases start the fibromyalgia, get that looked into. Anxiety and depression can also be a factor along with stress.I would talk to your doctor about that. This is not life threatening, it is a life style change and until you can get things under control and it may take some time, take it easy on yourself and pace yourself and do seek help and continue seeking help no matter how long it takes until your symptoms can be alleviated. If by chance you are put on medication for any of the above do ask the questions and take heed in the length of time you need to be on such medications. Just question your doctors about it all. My e-mail is [email protected] if you think you would like to stay in contact with me about this issue and to help in support.


Catheirne - July 31

I have the very same symptoms as you have stated. When I get out of bed most morning my feet would ach to walk on. My eyes would feel hot with fatique. I am very energitic also walking up to 10 miles a wk. The glands in my arm pits would also be painful and pain traveling up and down my arms and legs in my muscles also my right and goes nump from time to time and get very cold. These symptoms started to appear 10 monts ago. I have be to my GP and Rumi but came up with no diagnosis.


Chris2 - July 31

Hi Catheirne; I had similar problems with the glands in my armpits and found I had to stop using deoderant with a lot of chemicals in it. It really hurt, my doctor at the time didn't know what it was, but I thought about all the chemical sensitivities I have and tried some natural deoderants, I can't use those crystal ones though, they just dry me out, and that hurts. I still have the problems sometimes with my Lymph nodes, but not nearly as bad as before. Take care, Yours in Healthy Living, Chris2


yellowrose - November 8

The best thing you can do is to inform yourself about yourself and your body functions. We are all biochemical individuals. This said, FMS affects everyone differently with different intensities. It is best to find the cause of your symptoms before they get worse. Sometimes FMS comes on gradually, for others it can appear after a trauma....physical or emotional.
FMS is a neuroendocrine disorder according to researchers. It is not curable, but is manageable. I have done best managing mine by following the above theory. The first thing I always suggest is to try this test: that is, to go low carb or no carb for two weeks and see if your pain diminishes. It probably won't help your fatigue but it does show how you can manage your pain with diet. Most FMS'rs are adrenal depleted, adrenals are responsible in the metabolism of carbs. I would suggest learning about the adrenals,
systemic inflammation, and Leaky Gut Syndrome, proteolytic enzymes and d-ribose.
Stay away from stimulants like caffeine, sugar, etc. Try to maintain your activity level, it can only help. YR


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?


zouhra - July 19

Hi there, for the past couple of months i have been getting all symptoms to fms, everyone thinks its nufin because im only 21, how can i find out if fms is what i got?



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