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Pain clinic appt on Tuesday
8 Replies
Noca - September 13

This Tuesday I have an appointment with my pain clinic doctor. I have been waiting 6 months for this and am very anxious over it.

I hope for him to up my Fentanyl, Dilaudid and add Lyrica to help with my FMS. I am setting mass alarms and wake up calls to make sure I don't miss this appointment.



Stacey373 - September 13

Ugh...hearing you say it took you 6 months to see your doctor makes me totally fear what it's going to be like with President Obama's new health care plan. Scares the hell out of me!

Good Luck with your appointment, Noca. I hope it all goes the way you want it to. maybe you should write down everything you want to tell the would be terrible for you to forget something and then have to wait another 6 months to see him.

Let us know how it goes tomorrow...Take Care, Stacey :o)


INPAINDAILYJC - September 13

Good luck Noca! I hope they are able to assist you. I am still working with my doctor about my pain meds. The one and only pain management doc I went to, told me that I didn't need any more pain meds, and to exercise and get my own high.. lol I told him, it isn't the HIGH I want, I want to be able to function with as little pain as possible...
Some docs know nothing!
How much fentanyl and dilaudid are you on right now? Be careful of the weight gain from the Lyrica. I gained over 30 pounds!


Noca - September 15

I went to my doctor today and he gave me 75mcg/h Fentanyl patches and kept my Dilaudid dose the same. He also gave me samples for Lyrica(75mgx14x3) but I don't know what dose I should take. Anyone have any suggestions?


axxie - September 15

Good luck Noca, but I guess I'm a little late, as for Lyrica he should have told you how to take it. If not, call the office and tell them, you don't know how to take them and what dose. A doctor not telling you is like driving the highway blind, what a dingbat he is. Too bad they din't think of giving you Raliva instead, one pill works all day and no pain.

I've been on them for the last few weeks, and I must say there great relief for the pain, I actually feel more like my old self without the pain. No high, no feeling like I'm losing myself, just feel normal, or whatever normal means.


Noca - September 15

I tried Ralivia before, it didn't do anything for me at 100mg. I also shouldn't be taking it cause of my epilepsy as the drug decreases the seizure threshold.


Noca - September 15

Thanks everyone :)


luckydog83 - September 29

I hope the doctor's have advised you to be careful with the fentanyl patches and heat! My husband used them and had some adverse side effects after being in a hot tub, and THEN our MD said "oh, sorry, that can cause the medicine to be released at a higher rate and cause overdose!"


Noca - September 29

luckydog83 - Yeah I've been on them before, I know all about them. I still have hot showers on them just not hot baths. I don't put the patches over broken or damaged skin either. Finally I don't put any heat wraps over the patches.

So far 50-75mcg/h is working quite well for my pain. Only downside is extreme fatigue!



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