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Pain at the moment is ok, fibrofog is the big isse
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axxie - November 12

I'm doing ok pain wise, and I'm hoping that I can stay that way. I do take great pains, of eating and taking care of myself. It does pay, physically.

Now my problem is FIBROFOG, I am such a hard time of it, I think I'm normal, but people around me, are asking me, "If I OK" My husband and daughter think I have a problem. I'm I loosing my brain, by asking the same question a few times!!!!


Fantod - November 13

Axxie - I'm sorry that you are having such a hard time. I have to say that as someone who has been on this board for a long time that I've seen big changes in you. I'd like to gently suggest that you consider seeing a neurologist for an evaluation. I think something is wrong and so do you or you would not be posting this thread.

As a time line, I think that your memory issues really got started about the time you decided to go back to work. Maybe it is all stress related, but I for one would want to be sure about that. I'm trying really hard not to appear like I am picking on you. But your posts don't always make total sense and they are full of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and omissions. This is not the Axxie that I know who was sharp as a tack.

I just want you to know that as an outsider, I've noticed it too. I care about you and want things to be better. I would listen to your family because they are absolutely right. Please go and see a neurologist. Take care.


axxie - November 15

Thanks Fantod, I've noticed it too. I'm seeing the neuro this week actually this thursday coming. I don't know if she will repeat my brain scan again, the last one was showing signs of problems. The one thing I do know it's not dimentia. I think it happened after my work accident that started all my problems, back in 2006. Anyway I'll post when I see her and see what she thinks..


slb71 - November 16

how long does fibro fog usually last? i feel like i've had the symptoms of it for several weeks now. is that normal? it's driving me crazy! i try to laugh it off around other people but it is concerning to me.


Fantod - November 17

Yes, this is normal. Some people have it all the time and for others it fluctuates. You could try a supplement my nutritionist recommended called "phosphatidylserine." You can find it at any good health food store. It is very good for memory issues.

The best deal I have found on this supplement is through Puritan's Pride online. They call it "Neuro-PS." They offer very good sales and you can usually find a coupon for free shipping or a percentage off using Google. I hope that this information is helpful to you. Take care.


chefbeth - November 17

Saw my GP today to get results of blood tests...thyroid is off for the first time in 15 I get an adjustment on that; and I am deficient in B-12, so got a shot and will continue shots every month. This should help with my memory issues and fatigue. Take care...chefbeth


slb71 - November 17

thanks fantod. your information is very helpful.

chefbeth, i too am b-12 deficient. have been taking monthly shots for almost a year now. it hasn't done a thing for my memory but hopefully you will have different results. my neuro finally gave me a medication that is suppose to help me sleep but unfortunately it hasn't help at all yet.

axxie, i hope you are feeling better and getting some answers that are helping you.


Fantod - November 18

Axxie - Any news from the neuro?



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