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[email protected] - November 22

Has anyone found an effective medication for pain? So tired of hurting everyday.


KarenWilcox - January 10

I try acupuncture and yoga. Acupuncture when I can afford it and yoga when I can't. Some days all it does all the yoga does is take the edge off, but with the edge off I can function a little bit better.


January - January 12

Hi lori - there are so many kinds of pain. Treatments vary depending on what the pain is and what might be causing it. Do you want to be more specific? Is it painful muscles or joints or headaches? Or skin pain? Does it seem to come from knotted up muscles? And what is the quality of it? Dull, aching, sharp, shooting? Is it bad every day or does it come and go? You might try keeping a diary to track your symptoms and help you pin down what the cause(s) might be.

There are many alternative remedies like diet changes and supplements. There are prescription drugs (although I'd stick with the simpler older ones and avoid the antidepressants, just my opinion). Massage, physical therapy, or yoga can help. I agree with Karen, I found acupuncture very helpful, but not all acupuncturists are effective - you have to find someone who understands your problem and knows what they're doing.



I think pain relief is a trial and error type of thing. I take 10mg of Norco 4 times a day. Seems to help me. I am a strong believer in pain meds when needed. it has drastically changed my life. i am able to function! There are still times this isnt enough, but hey, I am able to manage what pain is still left. Take Care and I hope you find something that works!


patriciacnc - March 19

After being totally disabled with FMS, I have been out of pain and off meds for 13 years. I did it by balancing my hormones, initially balancing brain chemistry, cleaning up my diet, and clearing some toxins, which is likely something you won't hear in your doctor’s offices.

I have been studying and working the past 13 years to help others in their recoveries. I want people to get well.

Out of a passion to help others get well, I have written Reversing Chronic Disease: A Journey Back to Health, which is endorsed by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum and 2 other MDs.

Don’t accept the word "incurable." Keep fighting for restored health. If I can get well, why can't others. I believe something better is out there with your name on it.
I want to encourage each of you with fibromyalgia. I understand what you are going through. I have been there.

After being totally disabled with fibromyalgia many years ago, I have been without pain and off medications for over 13 years. I didn't happen over night, but it did happen.

Here is what I have done to get well.
1. Identify and correct hormonal imbalances using plant-based replacement.
2. Initially corrected brain chemical imbalances, particularly improving a naturally occurring brain chemical called dopamine.
3. Cleaned up my diet and eliminated milk, a food that was causing trouble for me.
4. Cleaned up some toxins.

Rheumatologists and patients typically don't understand the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. I want to help change that. The technology is in the here and now to identify and correct hormonal imbalance.

Do a little research to see if you have symptoms of hormonal imbalance. If you have many of these symptoms, study to find out how to identify and correct imbalances.
Here is a hug to each of you. I want you to feel well again.

Patricia Stephens, Certified Nutritional Consultant



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