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Oxygen Therapy
6 Replies
Canada17 - November 14

I've been doing some research and there is a lot of information out there stating that FM patients benefit from Oxygen Therapy.

Has anyone tried any kind of Oxygen Therapy? If so, what? And what were the results?


axxie - November 14

Canada17, I don't know where you are getting your information, but the people who are trying to get you to buy a package of oxygen therapy, should be put on a wall and shot at close range, they are only after your money.

You may be wondering why I say this, it's quite easy there was a report done on 60 minutes. What you are getting is just air.

You would need to get a doctor in a hospital setting to get the real thing, it was would have to be in air chamber.


Canada17 - November 14


No one tried to get me to buy a package of oxygen therapy.

The research I did showed studies performed on FM patients. There were ones done which required the patient to spend 90 minutes in a hyperbaric chamber, the kind you would have to go in if you got The "Bends".

There were also studies done where the patients had to wear oxygen masks in a clinical setting and perform certain tasks to activate certain areas of the brain.

I also read about a research study that saw FM patients on a raw vegetable diet which showed a clear connection between the oxidants and our symptoms. Research is starting to show that FM patients metabolize oxygen "abnormally" and this is what leads to our widespread chronic pain and other symptoms.

I know to be on the look out for scams, I know my FM cannot be cured...yet.

There is a clinic in the city that I live in that does Oxygen Enhanced Brain Therapy, the second example from above.

These Therapies are not exactly simple procedures, if you choose to go into a hyperbaric chamber, there are some anxiety-inducing precautions that you have to take. For example, no perfumes, creams, or hygiene products as they could catch fire in the oxygen, you have to wear 100% cotton clothing, and you're in a pressurized tube for 90 minutes! I'm a little claustrophobic.

These are studies though and I am curious to know if anyone has actually tried any form of Oxygen Therapy.


Dekay - November 15


As of this coming Monday I will be doing oxygen therapy along with decompression for my spine/Fibro pain..due to degeneration in my neck and lower spine. My pain is in my neck, upper back, shoulder and right arm. The other pain is in my lower back, left glut/sciatica. I have suffered since 2006 with pain never imagine it was Fibro...every winter (starting November) I become incapcitated and would be off work til Feb. However, now it has gotten worse...daily chronic headaches, severe insomnia, anxiety, heart palpt., Chronic pain. I am hurting everyday in my shoulder in arm for over a year now. I am doing a 10 day straight therapy. Then a 3x a week for 8 weeks therapy. Also the Dr. is using a machine called the DRX9000. I will keep you posted after day 3 which is Wednesday to let you know how things are going, and how I am feeling regarding the treatments.

Best regards


Canada17 - November 15


I wish you luck with your treatments. From what I have researched, a decompression chamber can have very positive results for FMS symptoms. I have heard of the DRX9000 but I don't have any knowledge about its effectiveness. It sounds like a good alternative to surgery.

I am looking forward to reading your posts after treatments.

Best Wishes.


Dekay - November 23

Hi, This is my first repost about my oxygen therapy. For 4 days the doctor has giving me mild manipulation starting from the base of cerebellum all the way down my spine, with somekind of projectile instrument. Then I would head over to the decompressing table where there is a maching that has a heavy duty straps & belts attached to it with a cord, It is wrapped tightly around my waist and butt. I lay on my back for 20 minutes while gradually pulls and stretches my lower half. Then they turn me around places my neck into a machine that decompresses-stretches and pulls my neck for 20 mins. At the same time they provide oxygen through the nose only, to supply it to the brain primarily, through those treatments. Also I was given the electronic stimulation for the neck and spine,with heating pads and oxygen for 20. As of today I am feeling quite better. I have six more treatments. I am also taking Good Multivitamin, Omega 3,6,9, Magnesium 400mg, Malic Acid 800mg. I also take 5HTP 200mg and melatonin 2mg before bed (works wonderfully best sleep). I am taking it everyday faithfully now. 10-12 glasses of water. I will find out after the 10 days how long will it be before I am to use the DRX9000. No headaches since, no pain while lifting arm...amazing. Did have some raining days..where I was hurting for a while...went a way later during the day. I will keep you futher posted. Hope all is well with you all, you and yours. Best regards.


Canada17 - November 23

Wow, that is interesting. So it's chiropractics plus oxygen therapy? I am so happy to hear it is working for you! Good luck on the rest of the treatments and I look forward to reading about them.



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