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Oxygen and FMS
4 Replies
Pikespeak - October 4

Hi Everyone! Just had my annual physical with my wonderful doctor. He told me that he can always prescribe meds for my FMS if I want/need them. I told him that I am on an even keel with my present meds (Lunesta, Skelaxin) and supplements, with no interest in taking anything else. He did suggest that should I have a flare to consider coming in for an oxygen treatment (30 minutes). He also said that he could prescribe oxygen for home use too. I can't remember anyone mentioning this before...thoughts?


kvc33 - October 4

Do you mean hyperbaric oxygen or oxygen through the nose? Doctors usually only prescribe oxygen for patients who really need it because the high concentration is hard on the lungs. It would depend on the concentration I think and how often you were to get it. A friend of mine went for daily treatments in a capsule for about a month to relieve pain due to cancer treatment and it did not help her. You can add oxygen to bath water by pouring in hydrogen peroxide and soaking in it. Try that and see how your muscles feel. Sea salt and baking soda and epsom salts also relax muscles in the bath.


Pikespeak - October 4

Thanks kvc33! I meant through the nose. We talked about how the chamber is being used too, but I think the closest one to me is probably about 75 miles away. You may remember my post about going to the top of Pikes Peak (14,000+ feet)on a cog train, then having horrible muscle pain that evening--that's what prompted the discussion about the lack of oxygen in the muscles...


January - October 7

How do you get oxygen treatments in a capsule?

I tried soaking in dilute hydrogen peroxide and it did nothing, but epsom salts helped a little. I also tried drinking a very, very dilute mixture of a few drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide in water, and it made me feel awful. (This was my experiment on trying to make my body more alkaline... never mind...)

On the other hand, I had oxygen by nose a lot when I was younger, and I never had any problems with it. I think the oxygen in a tank is well mixed with nitrogen so it shouldn't harm the lungs. I have a friend who uses portable oxygen and she says it makes her feel a lot better overall - and helps with her energy level.


Pikespeak - October 7

Did I miss something? Who said something about oxygen in a capsule? LOL!



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