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overwhelmed today
6 Replies
txsunsets - October 6

i really don't have a question. I have been in pain the whole weekend. I ended up sleeping all day because i had to take muscle relaxers. it started raining last night and i know this is the reason for the flare up. i can barley move this morning. i did make it to work. i just want to cry. i want a new body. one that doesn't hurt all the time. i feel so overwhelmed today with this illness i just want to stay in bed and sleep and hopefully when i wake up the pain will be gone. i'm sorry i know i am being a baby but i don't have anyone that will listen to me when i have bad days. on the good side. i graduated yesterday with my associates degree in criminal justice. i start my BA on the 13th.


HetherM - October 6

Good morning. First of all, I really hope your day starts to get better! I can truly say that I understand your pain! I have been suffering with this condition for almost 20 years (I'm 37), and I don't really have anyone to talk to on my "bad days" either. This particular bad period has now lasted almost 10 days. I don't remember one being this rough in quite a while! Now, congratulations on your associates! You should be extremely proud of yourself! I have one more class and then I'll be finished with mine. Have you found anything that makes your pain any better? I've tried sooooo many different meds, but nothing works. I am so tired of this and no one seems to understand the dibilitating pain and suffering this causes! So, please feel free to vent any time you need to...I'll listen!


trans - October 7

Hi txsunsets and HetherM, I validate eveything you are saying. This is an invisible monster and it is relentless, I've had this over 36 years, I am 57 and I keep fighting it because I don't really have an option. WE DON'T!!!!!!!
I have a friend who is having a pain blocker in her spine tomorrow, they did a test and it was the only this that helped her. Make sure you have a good doctor and try and be proactive in fighting this thing. Don't give it the satisfaction of winning. The weather is plays a huge role in how we feel, I know before I try to get out of bed that it is raining, I know the barometer is key to changes, my body knows the weather is going to change before I see it on TV. The only thing I have figured out lately, is that, Florida in the winter was a huge help last year, I actually felt like a normal person for the first time in years. If you ladies have an option of moving, I would definitely do that, I can't right now but I think it would help when I am able to retire and do that. God Bless both of you and take care, know that there is so many out there feeling just as bad as you and it sucks!!!!!!! The fact that it is invisible is even more frustrating!!!! I live in WI and became best friends, like sisters from meeting on-line through fibro. Never feel bad about sleeping alot, we need it, we don't make serotonin at night like everyone else. Be sure and get your flu shot. Take care ladies, Rosie


txsunsets - October 7

Hi HetherM and trans, Thank you for your encouragement. Some days I can handle this illness and other days I get so angry and overwhelmed. I can't imagine living like this the rest of my life. I love this forum. Everyone is really there for each other. I am so grateful for finding this site. God Bless


HetherM - October 8

Hi txsunset and Trans :) Thank you so much for the conversation and understanding. I know how you feel, txsunsets....some days I feel I can do anything, other days I feel like a crippled person! About 3 years ago I did a half-marathon (13.2 miles). While I was training, I was running about 25 miles a week. Now, I can barely run 1 mile! Some days it hurts just to walk, other days I feel ok and TRY to exercise. I really hate this because I enjoy exercising and am always trying to stay in shape and drop a few pounds. But when I can barely get out of bed by myself, there is NO WAY I'm going to be able to exercise! My husband and I have been together for 19 years and we have a 13 year old son. Both of them are extremely helpful when I have a REALLY bad episode. But for the day-to-day complaints, they aren't much help. This is really the first time I have ever participated in one of these discussion boards. After suffering basically on my own for 20 years, I have finally decided that I need to talk to other people who know exactly what I'm going through! So again I say, thank you for the conversation and support! Take care of yourselves and have a great day!


Jeanwe8 - November 12

You're not being a baby! Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia also. I've had it for several years now. I used to run marathons, and exercise a lot, so I can really relate to your comment about wanting a new body. Now I'd be happy if I could just walk a couple blocks without pain. I feel so overwhelmed because of the pain that when I'm at work I've gone to the Ladies Room, so no one will see me cry. Congratulations on your associates degree in criminal justice. I've always thought that would be an interesting field to go into.


trans - November 13

I certainly would not call you a baby either. This is a relentless disease and it can take very last ounce of energy to get up everyday and fight it. But we do not have an option. I know there are advances all the time so keep searching and you can find the best help for you. No two of us can say we feel the same way at any given time. It is wonderful to know that there is a whole network of people who understand. Take care and keep fighting it.



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