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Other then Amatriptalline
4 Replies
shula - May 10

Hello everyone, I need some input, I have been taking Amatriptalline fot about 4-5 months (40mlg per day) and just like I knew I started to put on weight and also water retention. The only relieve I had was much less pain, and burning of the skinn and better sleep. I also noticed that it made me more depressed.I got off the medication in Feb/08, due to weight gain. What is everyone else taking other then Amatriptalline?


Fantod - May 11

Hello shula - As you probably know there are very few classes of drugs that work with FMS. Amitriptyline is one of the best available at this time to help with sleep. You could try some holistic alternatives such as melatonin, or L-Theanine. I am using Cymbalta and gabapentin for pain. I'm fairly intolerant of meds so I'm on low doses of both. FMS is just about as tough to treat as it is to live with. I wish youwell.


JJ1 - May 12

Just wondering if you tried to combine taking amytriptyline with exercise. I did not have the weight gain sometimes associated with it, but when I am not in pain, I am able to stay pretty active. I swim when the weather is good and take long walks, nothing too strenous. I also do little things like park farther away at work and grocery store to get extra walking and taking stairs instead of the elevator at work. I feel a lot better when I can exercise. Also, I was feeling groggy with the amytriptyline, but I have been able to reduce my dosage to just 25 mg per night and that helps with the side effects. I was taking 50 mg for years and at one time up to 75.


nemesis - May 12

i take 75mg a night and dont have a problem
are you taking any other medication or "natural remedies"


Wonka - May 18

Over time I found that the Amitryptyline stopped working for me. I have been on Trazadone for a few years now (100mg) and it has worked very well for me.



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