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other symptoms?
7 Replies
keket - February 22

are there other symptoms such as facial tingling and the urge to pass out? a general weakness or ill feeling?


Tracy - February 15

I find that if I walk a small distance today that tommoro I can not do a thing. my body feels soo heavy it is horrible. I have experienced tingling in my face, I remember being sat the one day thinking I was having a stroke, I had a tingling sensation all down the one side of my face. I was fine later. Take care


keket - February 15

I'm in the middle of tests for numerous things.... the tingling/numbness in my face and body don't really seem like fibromyalgia but then I am not a doctor. Thank you Tracy. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? Do they get worse and worse?


AKFlyfisher - February 16

yes, but only the left side of my face and it burns or stings and then just goes away. I am red faced on my cheek and neck most of the time as well, almost like a sunburn, passout feeling from getting up too fast from a kneeling position at times.


JJ - February 16

I am at the point where I write off every weird feeling to FMS. I am afraid that i am going to have symptoms of something else (like numbness in my arm that can be a sign of a heart attack) and ignore it because I think it is FMS. I think that is why I recently became so seriously anemic. I wrote off my extreme fatigue, exhaustion, concentration problems to FMS and now that I have had my iron level brought back to normal, I feel much better (I still have all of the above problems but not to the extreme I had them just a week or so ago).


JJ - February 16

I hit the submit button too soon. I think you should probably talk to your doc about any new/unusual symptoms just to be safe. Can't numbness on your left side indicate a heart attack? Usually in the arm I think, but still, I would check with your doc right away.


keket - February 18

I've been in the hospital but the meds they gave me made me terribly sick... I tried to talk about what could possibly happen and what I should do but I was so sick at the time.... needless to say my panic and anxiety levels are so high that I am pretty surre I'm aggrevating these symptoms. but I can't get anyone to help me. no one understands how terrified I am of what's happening to my body. I think I am dying most of the time.


cbm - February 22

I have had some tingling on the left side of my face since I was first diagnosed 16 years ago. At one time the whole left side of my body went numb in 1993. After a million tests they chalked it up to FMS from major stress. There are many strange things that can happen to your body from this syndrome but if it's a first time experience, I would definitely get it checked out.



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