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6 Replies
belle1329 - April 16

Just got the results of bone density, I have Osteo, can this be related with Fibro? Just wondering, or and does anyone know if Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis can come together, Im haveing very bad hip and elbow pain at the joints, with clicking and grinding, Or is this fiboro symptom, any input is aprreciated. Thanks


littlefox - April 17

Hello Belle,
I also have fibro, hypothyroidism and osteoprosis with bone loss. My hips and elbows as well as my ankles and knees hurt.
My Rhumy told me that the pain in these areas is from the fibro.
I have been taking vit D, calcium, magnesium, potassium, salmon oil omegas caps. since finding out about the osteo.
Hope this helps.
take care an God bless.
Michele littlefox


axxie - April 18

Hey belle, yep I also have the same and find the clicking bothersome, but the fish oils and vit D will help you get rid of the clicking.

If you are having pain from the osteo, calcium such as santoz stronger vit and more costly works best. I find that taking it, makes my bones not hurt as much and can just take a tylenol and it takes away the pain.


belle1329 - April 18

Thanks axxie, I will try the fish oils, I do eat a diet high in fish oils omega 3 with my hubby who has very high tryglicerides.The Dr. also gave me Boviva to take, Ihave not started it yet, will start that tomorrow first thing.
Thanks for your input, you know how it is to know your not alone with all these crazy symptoms.
Not feeling well today, I also have allergies, runny nose stuffy head. Took my temp, and it was 96.8 that was weird, Im ususally normal, 98.6. Just another weird thing going on in my body I guess. I hope you are feeling better.
Thanks to you too little fox :-) God bless us all :-)


JOEGIRL - April 18

I have Osteoarthritis to and my bones click and grind.My bone density test also revealed I have Osteoporine, not sure if thats spelled right but it means I dont have Osteoporosis yet but its coming. Anyway, I am taking vitD with calcuim. I guess it all comes together with fibro. Like we all need more pain.
What meds are you on? I have heard a lot of good things about fishoil. Maybe I need to try that to?


belle1329 - April 20

Thanks Joey girl,
Just started on Boniva this morning. Thanks for your info too Littlefox I do try to eat salmon and fish oil as my husband has high triglicerides and has to be on this type of diet. Hopefully it will reverse. Dr said I do have alot of bone loss and need to start the boniva and the calcium chews immediately


axxie - April 21

Hello belle

Two small answers may help you : chondroitin and glosomine, your body produces both of these but in some cases not enough, that's why you have the pain, and you hear the clicking and grinding etc.
go to your pharmacy and take the suplements, add a fish oil to this and start feeling better with no pain in days. Actually you won't notice it and you'll stop taking it and then you'll remember to take them again. If you live in the northern part of the globe, it's extremely useful in the winter when you feel your joints are painful.

Just another supplement to take on top of everything else.



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