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opening eyes???HELP!!
8 Replies
belle1329 - August 11

Hi everyone,
Its been along time, hope everyone is doing ok/doing better :) IF YOU DONT WANT TO READ MY PITTY STORY, PLEASE GO TO THE END I REALLY NEED HELP OR ADVISE. THANKS :)
I was doing well and thought I had things under control,WRONG!! Stress in life can do alot.
Aunt had me running ragged andnow in a nursing home,and sad.So makes me sad. But I cant do it anymore. I was taking care of her everyday :( Cooking cleaning and just being there to make sure she had not fell during the night.
92 and had her own apartment very sharp mind, but balance is off and was not taking care of herself,not eating right or getting any socialization, long story short, she almost fell(fell 2 other times) bruised her ribs this time so I asked for her to be placed.
She hates it ther but giving up apt this month:( and with out meaning it she is angry at me and blames me, which makes me sad :( My daughter is geting married :) 10/10/10 having a nice wedding but alot of work preparing! along with a few other issues including not sleeping, I took stress time from work (Dr. order) She gave me some sleeping pills , tried for 2days slept ok, but on the 3rd day, My eyelids would not open on first command ?? Didnt think to much of it,thought I was still asleep and blew it off, but then 2days later the same thing happened,( is topped the sleeping pill, really scared me :( Then 2 days after that only one lid opened at first, and i opened the other with my finger.My pain has not been bad, I exercise 2 times a week and watch my diet.
Calling Dr. today, But had to ask my friends and experts here if anyone has had this problem and if it could be part of the Fibro, or nerve damage??? Now I have not taken the pills to sleep, afraid to sleep and am supposed to be going back to work next week, Im going to ask for more time , :( I hope i get, but , more I hope the eye thing does not happen again. Please anyone let me know what u thinK


belle1329 - August 11

iTS I STOPPED THE SLEEPING PILLS NOT is topped the sleeping pills, sorry! :)


Katzra - August 11

I can't recall never being able to open my eyes. Even that coma like state I feel when I nap, I can still open my eyes when I want to.

Have you looked at the side effects from the sleeping pills? I don't have a lot of experience with sleeping pills so I am unfamiliar with the side effects for them, but I would think it would be from them.


Stacey373 - August 11

Hi belle! It sounds to me, too, like it could be the sleeping meds doing that to you. I know sleeping pills can do all sorts of crazy things to a person. I had a friend who took Ambien and then was in the middle of reading a book to her kids and she literally passed out right there! She just sort of fell over in the middle of the book and was out for the night. SCARY!

I've also heard of people not remembering things they do after they take sleeping pills. It really sounds like that's your problem. If you don't like it, definitely stop taking them and tell your doctor that you stopped....and then ask for something else.

Good Luck and Take Care, Stacey :o)


Stacey373 - August 11

By the sounds like with all the stress going on in your life (just a wedding can be way too stressful!) you should get some sort of sleeping make sure you talk to your doctor about that. Stacey :o)


toots2889 - August 11

Hi Belle, nice to hear from you! Sorry, to hear that things arent going alittle smoother for you. I have never had that happen to me before, but if you want my imput Ill give it. I think what hes got you on is probably to strong for you and thats why thats happening. Your eye lids are relaxed to much so you can sleep, that they dont want to open on there own. I dont know if im right, but thats my guess. Have you tryed cutting the dose in half? I agree that you should still be on something right now as you dont need this to start taking down your health. Good luck and let us know what you find out.


hollowsnothorcruxes - August 11

My eyes are sometimes so dry I can't open them or it really hurts to. It's caused by my combo of meds. They all cause dry mouth & the dryness effects my skin & eyes. If that's what it seems like, I use eye drops.

I also had horrible allergies as a kid & my eyes would get stuck with eye gunk. Never found a fix for that except washing it off every morning. If you're having other allergy symptoms, it might be that.

Hope that helps!


belle1329 - August 12

Hi everyone,
Thanks for responding. I did call the Dr. She did say to discontinue, but does not feel it was from the pills as this she said is not a side effect and she has never heard of it, but to be on the safe side to discontinue, I only took them for 3 days and then 2 days after not taking them , it happened with only 1 eye and that is what was so scary, I had to take my finger and open my lid, one eye was open like winking but didnot have to wrinkle my face to wink :-/
If it happens again she is going to send me for mri she wants me to try without for a full week and then if it does not happen she will give me a different pill for sleep, this is the 2nd ive tried, the other Ambion, gave me very bad depression, thoughts of suicide. Well hopefully it was from that , but dont see how being on for 3 days would do that and then being off for 2 and still do it. Now it makes me afraid to go asleep so that is not helping with my lack of sleep :( Dr did give me 2 more weeks off to get it under control so thats good. Did my blood test for thyroid and did one for B12 , havent gotten the test back for the calcium passing thru urine yet, that is with my rhumy and I have to make another appointment for that, been avoiding, he wants me to take a bonivea like pill and /or another type that repairs the bones. Im not a pill person, if my sleep wasnt so bad I would not have even taken these, but needed something real bad! I have been using weights and doing exercies and eating more calcium enriched foods and taking vitiman D. I was feeling better exercising, untill the Stress.Let ya know how I make out if it happens again or not. Thanks for your input and help
Take Care


belle1329 - August 16

woke up this morning with red blood spot in eye, atlest my eye opened, dont know if its connected to the other symptoms?? I also have a dry patch under it , been there a few wks. Strange !!!
Cheek feels a bit tingley, I guess Ill have to call Dr back??? Maybe just a cold in eye or alergy, I hope :)



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