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Oops...forgot to ask this question...
3 Replies
tinkerbel73 - June 30

How long did you have FMS before you quit working? How do you decide when you just can't take it anymore? When do you put the pain and weakness and other symptoms above the bills and childcare? That is what I am facing now. Thanks for helping a newbie!!!!


JJ1 - July 2

Quitting work hasn't been an option for me. Instead, I went to part time. Same job, less hours. Often I still work full time and I have to work a minimum of 24 each week to keep health benefitis, but I think having less stress associated with "how am I going to get my 40 hours in this week" reduces the severity of my symptoms.


Questa - July 3

For me personally, I have not been able to justify working, because i don't have the education or training to get the caliber of job that would make it worth the pain and stress it causes-
I drive an 11 year old car that is paid for, buy my clothes on ebay, and seldom travel., but i would have to say that it is worth it. i really need to go back to work (my husband is always hounding me about it), but if I do, he will have to help at home (something he did not do in the past). If you can work at a job that pays well, maybe you could afford some of the things that would help your stress- massage, therapy, vacatuibs, etc. unfortunately, I am 49 years old and would have a hard time with just getting started in a career-
Best of Luck and God bless you!


JJ1 - July 4

I work part time because we need the money and health benefits, but I also think I need it to keep my sanity. It makes me get up on the mornings when I just feel like staying in bed and getting up and moving around often helps my symptoms. It gives me some variety and distractions in my life so I don't get overwhelmed by all on the home front. I know it is not for everyone, but if you need to work but feel that you physically can't handle it, do look into the option of part time work or job sharing with someone else who needs part time (maybe a new mother). My daughter had two teachers in 2nd grade who job shared. They alternated working 2 or 3 days each week. At first I was leery of it, but it worked well with the kids and the teachers. We have also had secretarys in my office who job share.



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