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Only Shooting Pains
4 Replies
Farillc - January 24

For the past 2 months i ahve been experiencing shooting pains thorughout my body. it will be in my finger one minute and then my shin the next. jumping from place to place. It first started after reading about it and then after one ache and 3 days of continual thought on the matter, the pain had spread. Since then i have had no other symptoms discribed on this site. I am not certain whether its all in my head or if there is a seroius condition. I live a rather unhealthy lifestyle getting about 6 hours of sleep if that at night, not due to insomnia but by choice, and on the weekends I am out and about. my stress from work is through the rough and a recent break up has given me a great deal of anxiety. I guess i am scared, after reading about peoples severe conditions I am hoping my shooting pains might be attributed to something else. Can someone describe these pains. Do the occur more when you think about them, because mine do. Do they occur all over and not jsut around the 18 specific locations. I have applied preasure on those spots and there is no pain, infact it feels good to massage. Does anyone know of any other causes of the shooting pains. Can people only experience one symptom.

I have been worried for the past 2 months and it only gets worse when i htink about it.

: (


AKFlyfisher - January 24

I think you need to go to sleep eariler and get more rest. Thinking about symptoms should not cause them to happen. You might want to seek some counseling for relaxation therapy. I have fibro and have had some anxiety in the past, but none bad enough to cause shooting pains. Are you taking any kind of drugs for treatment? Are you seeing a primary care doctor?


Gabbie - January 24

Before I was diagnosed with fibro, one of the weird symptoms I was feeling was the shooting pains. They would come out of nowhere and hit different parts of my body. When it was at it's worst, I would suddently feel like a needle was being pushed through my big toe, ankle, bottom of the foot, fingers etc. It would bounce around and sometimes it felt like electrical shocks. Although I have many of the other pains of fibro now, those sensations have let up and I don 't get them too much anymore. You need to see a good rheum that can property diagnose you. Please try not to stress because that makes things worse. Good luck to you.


Fantod - January 27

I think you should consult a pain specialist and or neurologist to see what is going on. Just guessing but it is possible that these pains could be nerve related. But not being a doctor, I have no idea why. One of the two, should be able to figure it out. If possible, I seriously think about making some changes and getting more rest. Most of us would give our eye teeth to be out and about on the weekends etc. You only get one body in this life, do what you can to protect your health. I hope you are able to find some assistance soon. Best of luck to you.


Farillc - January 28

Thank you for your responses. I saw my primary care doctor the day after I posted this. He didn't not believe i had FM, he thinks that i have been treating my body poorly for about 3 years, and that I need to rest more, eat well, exercises, and stop being paranoid. He drew blood and is testing for various diseases, and assures me that when i see him in 10 days he will tell me everything is fine and that i need to stop focusing so intently on any sort of ache. I have felt pretty good after seeing him and look forward to getting my test results.

However, when I read your posts i feel like he may be wrong and this might jsut be the begining



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