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Only at home
4 Replies
jillhinkle - November 20

I was officially diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia back in August of this year. I am taking elavil to manage the pain. Sometimes I am in more pain the others. I did find out something very interesting, I only have the symptoms while I am at home. To give you a very good example, I went on vacation for two weeks to Nebraska, and I had little or no symptoms, I had my medicine with me but I saw no need to take it. When I got home, I did not take it the first night that I was home, but by the end of the second day I was in so much pain that I needed to take it. A few days later I went up to Orlando, and there again had no need to take my medication. I'm thinking that part of my problem may come from my bed, the other may come from the mold in my house. My doctor suggested that I try staying a couple of nights in a local hotel and see what kind of results I have. Has anyone else had a similar experience or am I just weird.



Fantod - November 21

I think that being away from the normal stressors in one's life is playing the main role in your discovery. I have noticed that I have less symptoms when I am on holiday. As soon as I get back, my symptoms start to get worse. I know what the source of my problem is at home. Have you really examined what else is going on in your life other than your bed and mold? You are not weird - I'll bet there are others who have a had a similar experience. Take care.


geegee - November 21

I think the bed has a lot to do with it. I believe mine does. A nice firm bed is good for the body.


cannotaccept - November 24

I agree with fantod about the normal stressors playing a roll. I did feel better at times while on vacation. For me, stress is my devil. But i really wanted to reply to your post to urge you to have any mold taken care of. Mold can make you very sick; particulary if it is black mold. If it's just a small area you can spray it with bleach. Do some research on it.


trans - November 24

I agree with the others but I do think the climate where you live plays a big part in it.
Good luck to you.



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