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One Terrible Painful spot in the back of my head
13 Replies
Dee - November 21

I have been having all the usual symptoms, the burning hands,feet,face, shoulders, etc, but I also have a very painful spot on the lower left side of my head (neck), (comes & goes) has anyone else hand similar pain?


Jean - October 19

It sounds like it could be one of the trigger points. Try applying heat and if you can take ibruprofen see if that won't help.


Dee - October 19

Jean: Thank you, I'll give it a try!!


Jean - October 19

Hi Dee: let me know if it works for you.


tonyab1838 - October 19

Dee, I have similar pain on the top left part of my head. It seems like if I get stressed or tense, I get a sharp pain up my head to that point. It goes away but just very irritating. Does yours seem to stay? Take care and God bless!


Jean - October 24

I tried the heating pad for a few days and it seems to help, but I have been having terrible (tingling/burning) pain in my face, neck, left arm and left leg.. I have a whole new respect for folks with Fibro.. This is a terrible disease and I hope they someday find a cure... Thank you for your advice!! Dee


Tonyab1838 - October 24

Actually the pain comes and goes and pressure applied to the area seems to help some.. I have also found (thanks to Jean) that heat really helps.. I also use an ice pack on occasion which seems to help.. I have been having more (tingling & burning) pain on my left side the last few days and have had a tough time sleeping.. Pain medication seems to be very little help.. I am presently waiting for the results of some more test I had taken recently, but this all gets to be very discouraging since most doctors don't even consider Fibro a disease.. It sure causes alot of pain for something that is not a disease!! Thank you for your note.. Dee


Reba - November 16

I have the same symptoms.. There seems to be very little doctors can do to help. Mine says I should see a shrink! Good luck.


Kim - November 16

Are you under a great deal of Stress? That can cause the pain also.I have fibro and I have the burning in my hands and feet and headaches on a regular basis. I hope things get better for you soon!


Bubba - November 17

I have gone through the same thing for many years and I am told that I just have to deal with it. I think they have given me about every drug on the market and they have done me no good at all. I hope you have better luck.


Andrea - November 18

*hugs* bubba


Jean - November 20

Have you been checked out for Diabetes?


Dee - November 20

No, But I will get checked for it. Maybe that will give me some answers. Thank you


Jean - November 21

Get as much ruled out as you can so you are sure of a correct diagnosis. This is not fun that is for sure. Stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.



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