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One of the most frustrating things....
2 Replies
Stacey373 - July 30

One of the most frustrating things for me is not being able to do everything I need to get done. I have to admit I've been pushing myself way too hard these past 2 weeks, but thankfully I haven't had any major problems that would normally put me in bed for days (paying for doing too much - knocking on wood now! LOL).

I've got so much going on right now and I just can't do it ALL. I'm re-doing my daughter's room and desperately trying to get it painted before her new bed arrives next week. We also took out some wall cabinets to make extra room in our living room and so I had to stop working on my daughter's room and had to pack everything up that was in the cabinets and then I had to paint the wall once the cabinets were out. This all had to be done in 2 days to make room for my husband's new desk, so no matter what, I had to keep going. In amongst all the stuff I've got going on, I've also had to take a day to go grocery shopping and take a day to help a friend with her kids and take a day to drive an hour each way to get my daughter's meds, and so on and so on....

Needless to say, I haven't had the time or the energy to clean my house and it is now a disaster area! My daughter's both have ADHD and my youngest hasn't had her meds in a couple of weeks (we couldn't afford to get them) and I swear she is a little tornado who can destroy a room in 15 minutes or less! LOL Plus I have 5 very large dogs (I know, completely insane! LOL) that definitely make more mess than they are probably worth most of the time!

Any ways...I know I'm probably doing too much, but when I look around my house and see everything else that needs to be done, it just gets so frustrating I can't get it ALL done. It's like I have to choose...I can use my energy to work on my daughter's room today or I can clean the kitchen, but I can't ever do BOTH.

Okay, I'm done venting! LOL Once again, I need to remind myself that I should be thankful I can even do ONE of these things! Thanks for listening! I hope everyone has a good day today, Stacey :o)


Lee2010 - July 30

Hi Stacey,
I know what you're going through. I also have to pick and choose what I get done. For me it's making a dinner each night. My house is a tornado zone, but I keep hoping that tomorrow I will finally be able to catch up. Yeah, right. My situation is a bit different than yours since I have grown sons who are off to college in the fall. Then it's just my husband and me so I'll have a bit more time, but right now if I feel good I want to spend time with my boys, not working around the house.

I really hope that you'll be able to get everything done. I'm thinking about you. Your posts are always so honest and they come from a similar place to how I feel. I don't know anyone personally with FMS, so this forum has really helped me feel not so alone. This syndrome can be so lonely to go through - it's hard for others to understand what we go through on a daily basis. Thanks for your posts and thanks to everyone else out there who offers so much insight and support. Take care everyone.


Stacey373 - July 31

Thank You so much! That made me smile! After I wrote that I kind of felt like all I was doing was whining. I know there are people on here who can't even do half as much as I can, and here I am, whining that I can't do MORE!

Last night I realized one of the major reasons this is bothering me so much. My father-in-law showed up and he always "looks down" on me. Of course, he thinks it's ALL my responsibility to keep the house clean and to do everything else, for that matter. My husband's only supposed to worry about school and I'm supposed to be the "good little wife" who does it ALL and takes care of the family. he doesn't understand fibro to begin with and I don't think he really believes there is anything wrong with me. more like he thinks I'm just lazy. And no matter how many times I tell myself that kind of thinking is just 'crazy" soon as that man walks through my door, I instantly feel like I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing and I AM lazy.

I don't think most people understand that if I'm gone all day grocery shopping, I'm too dang tired to come home and clean the house. Just going out last weekend and spending the day with family that we haven't seen in years absolutely killed me! The next day I literally felt like I'd been hit by a truck!

I don't know...I know I'm a lot harder on myself than everyone thinks. I don't LIKE people thinking I'm lazy. And I also know that I'm pushing myself WAY too much to get all of this done. I'm going through my pain pills like they are water and I know I will pay for this in the end. Out of pills and my body hurting more than normal because I am pushing.....I'm not going to be a happy camper in about a week! LOL

Okay...I'm done! Thank You so Much for listening to me! You have no idea how much this site helps me get through each day. Take Care, Stacey :o)



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