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One last time---I am NOT barbar but an important note anyway
2 Replies
Lyle Anderson - January 22

I am leaving this forum. I listend for a long time before I said anything but this 'Lyle is barbar' thing is really nasty. Why would anyone want to hurt me like this? BUT something occurs to me that I need to say before I go. It was clear from barbar's postings for a long time that she was having trouble. she also mentioned that she had a bad case of FMS. could it be that her depression resulted from her fms or from her medication? if that's the case then we should be treating her death as a warning and not as a game. can our depresssion get so bad? can our meds do the same thing ?should we be worrying about such things? Let's stop wasting time thnkg that Lyle is barbar or barbar is Lyle. Let's just worry about our own mental symptoms. Is it possible our hatred, our negativity ,our evil are also mental aspects of fms or of the medication fro it? let's all check with our docs. maybe if we spent more time on the mental aspects of fms and less on mind gaming we'd all be better off. I think the mindgaming is part of our fms. it's like our minds are racing 8000miles an hour and we don't have anything else to do but slam out at somebody. call barbar or me sick for whatever you want to but THAT is really sick,for real, as in 'bad mental health' and needig meds. Finally as the last thing I ever say on this forum---let's remember that bad mental health is part of fms and let's be nice to each other. who knows who we're pushing over the edge especially since a lot of the people listening never say anything and we don't know they are there. and the 'edge' could be anything from suicide to beating your kids to being too low to get out of bed. ok. I'm gone. be nice to each other and jane doe, please be careful about what you say to and about people. you've done about as much damage as you say barbar did. but let's all remember---unhealthy mental health states are part of our condition. let's not rub fractured glass into the wounds.


BRENDA - January 23

Answer: Lyle I believe you! I know that very few people here are really called the names they have chosen! IT DOESN'T MATTER!! What DOES MATTER is what we have to contribute to each other! Please stay & continue to provide the helpful info & support you have so far! There are people here only to cause problems, but you are NOT one! =


BrandyO - January 23

I agree with Brenda, please stay. Don't let anyone run you off. I learn from your post and would miss your contribution.



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