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OK, now I am really scared
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jrzgirl - February 19

I have terrible pain in my upper back and ribs when I breathe or worse when I take a deep breath, sometimes when I turn my body to one side or the other, does ANYONE have this?????


axxie - February 20

Usually the pain is localised to the affected rib and is described as sharp or stabbing, which is aggravated by movement and even breathing. ...
costochondritis, intercostal neuritis, costo-transverse sprain to mention a few.

The name intercostal neuritis, meaning inflammation of the nerve between the ribs, is often used if you have pain radiating along the ribs to the front of the chest.

Medical textbooks often use the term costochondritis. It literally means inflammation of the rib cartilage. Costo-transverse sprain is probably the most accurate description for most cases because the problem responds very well if it is treated as a sprain and the radiation of pain along the ribs it is not usually associated with any neurological findings such as numbness. A costo-transverse sprain is an injury that people often wake up with. Sometimes it is caused by an awkward sleeping position or caused by turning in bed, or something that happened the day before but was too mild to cause significant pain right away.

Chiropractors deal with rib pain on a regular basis and do it successfully. Rib pain tends to be acute in nature and therefore respond very quickly, usually within 2-3 chiropractic treatments.

I've had these and yes they can be pretty scary, chiro are the best in treating it, mind you have had the same and was treated by an accupuncturist.

It will eventually resolve itself, sometimes the pain is too much and we seek other profesional to help to address the problem


kvc33 - February 20

My chiropractor works wonders for any kind of strong acute pain. Sometimes I have difficulty breathing and it is because one of my ribs is out of place. He adjusts it and all is well. I have benefitted greatly with relief from neck, back, chest, and arm pain by seeing my chiro regularly. He is able to help with other conditions too such as PMS, dizziness, and eye twitching. It is one of the best treatments for me and fast.


Noca - February 20

I have reoccurring pain in my ribs. I always thought it was a bone tumor from my bone disease but recent CT scans show no tumors on the outside of my ribs, only a few on the insides.

The pain feels like something catches, and its really a sharp acute pain. For about 5-10 seconds I have to breathe in very shallow till it goes away.

Is this a symptom of FMS?


axxie - February 20

No Noca it has nothing to do with having Fibro. What you are experiencing many people experience at one point in their lives. I don't ever remember not one person who has not had the same pain.

Go see the chiro girl, fibro and a chiro go hand in hand. I suffer much less, it's an easy fix. The only thing is you must keep going to see the chiro to get relief.


jrzgirl - February 20

the next Dr I have to see is a dermatologist, found suspicious growths on my back that look abnormal, skin cancer maybe? what is next????


axxie - February 21

Jrzgirl, are you kidding me, are you paronoid. From time to time, as we grow older we get skin bumps and different growth. Try using a lophah to wash your back and your body.

What's next!



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