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Ok, guys I'm really scared to drive now!!
6 Replies
iliveinpain - November 24

This is the second time this has happened to me. I don't know if it's fibro fog or what, but I'm pulling into my parking space at work, and instead of hitting the brakes, I'm flooring the gas pedal. I mean, I hear about people in their 80's who do this, but I'm only 55, and generally a pretty young 55 at that. But I'll just blank out, and it scares me, cause I almost ran my car into the building this morning :( Thank God at least I haven't ever done it in traffic, it was twice and both times trying to park at work. Am I the only one who's done this?? It's freaking me out now!!


Canada17 - November 24

I've only done something like that once, but I was on the highway and had cruise control on. Instead of hitting the gas to speed up, I hit the breaks...


ptalana - November 24

I actually passed out while driving home from work!!! Luckily I was slowing down as I was approaching a set of lights at a busy intersection. I didn't even feel it coming on but came to in the intersection on a red light, thank God no one was in the intersection at the time. I did however lose my licence:( It was one of the scariest things that I've ever experienced, so far. I still suffer extreme vertigo and fainting spells, doctors feel it has to do with my head injuries suffered from my accident at work. I don't know if I will ever be able to drive again, but after a year I've been able to accept it. I know it's for the best, although I miss the independance.


Canada17 - November 24

I think I would lose a lot of stress in my life if I could no longer drive. lol I get so much anxiety from driving.


swttee4u - November 24

i've done it a couple of times. my mind be somewhere else and i'll hit the gas. one time i hit one of those poles in the parking lot. it's very scary.


iliveinpain - November 24

Wow guys, it's just been one of those days all day for me! First the thing with the car, and at work I had to redo my data entry 3 times cause I kept blanking out and not entering it where it should go. Then I tried to balance my checkbooks and I was $261.00 off. I kept re-doing it and finally balanced, but it took a couple of hours. Must be fibro fog, it's been all day today! Wow, I think I can't wait to crawl into bed tonite and be done with this day LOL I find myself actually dozing off at my desk, and the phone will ring and startle me awake. Guess it's just the fibro fatigue, and sleepiness from the meds. Anyone else having as much fun as me today??? :)


axxie - November 25

OH, aren't we doing well. That's how I got into an accident back in October. Ooops forgot I needed to go to the Chiro, saw the building, and decided to pull a fast left turn. Oooops, did I do that! yep, I did.

Another time, awhile back, the minivan was new, and I tried to pull a fast right turn into the parking and guess what I hit the parking structure. Now, that was a doozie.....

Then here I'm parking my car, and I rammed into the front of this huge mac truck, lol, there are people who saw me, I just got out of the car, looked at my damage and walked into the store, laughing. The mac truck didn't even budge and no damage to it....

I sleep at red lights.... lol



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