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4 Replies
belle1329 - June 8

Now I know the pain everyone is talking about.
I have had fibro for a year and a half and I had pain that I could deal with , exercise, hot baths tylenol/ advil pm , etc, helped, it never went away but I could cope.
Sat I woke up at 8 and went right to the couch. I was there until 11 that night and then slept with the help of Advil pm until 9 the next morning. I never in my life felt such pain, I thought I might have swine flu or something, I almost went to the hospital. EVERY bone and muscle in my body ached, I had severe reflux and very weak. I ached from head to toe. I finally got some relief at about 6pm after taking extra strength tylenol and getting some fluids in me.
Friday night I was fine, my grandson (7yr) slept over we watched a movie and ate POPCORN, that is the only thing I think may have did something to set thing off. Ill never eat popcorn again.
The only other thing I can think of is I took my 2nd dose of Boniva and am now 2 weeks into it and think it may have been a side effect or is this what Fibro can do to you, Now Im very scared!!!
Im feeling beter today, weak and tired and little pain I pray it does not happen again, I thought I was going to die and I wanted to!! :-(


axxie - June 9

Hi belle1329

Yep you had a severe case of a flare up. Maybe the popcorn, but could be something you ate, a few days ago, then add a little worry into the mix, and bad weather, voila, a terrible day from fibro flare up.

Hope you feel well, drink more water, stay away from chocolate unless it's the dark kind, go for a walk and enjoy life. Oh yes, don't forget the medication, always good when we take our medication. :))))


a_pough - June 10

I agree with Axxie on everything. I want to add that you will need to keep an eye on your food. I haven't been diagnosed long, and I forgot about not eating chocolate a few weeks back. So, I baked a cake and boy did I have a FLARE UP!!! It was horrible. Tomatoes are another trigger for me. But, of course everyone's different so I suggest to make sure you pay attention to what you have eaten before a flare up and keep away from it.

Also, I have read that FM is progressive. So, it may be getting a little more difficult. Hope you feel better!


Gabbie - June 10

Belle, Fibro "flares" are awful and what you are talking about can certainly mean that is what's going on. However, you also mentioned you are taking Boniva. Although not that common, that can have terrible side effects, many of which are similar to fibro. My friend stopped taking Boniva after only a couple of times because of the reaction to it. Please check with you doctor.


Cassiel - June 10

Does popcorn affect FMS? Is there a list of foods
to avoid?



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