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oh my achin' tailbone!
4 Replies
iliveinpain - August 16

Does anyone else have a very tender and sore tailbone? I have to sit down very slowly!!!


January - August 20

Yes! It's called coccydynia, and you can google "coccyx pain causes" for more information. Did you hurt yourself somehow?

I've had tailbone problems since I was young. I was in an accident as a kid, and fell very hard right on the end of my tailbone - I hit so hard, I laid on the ground paralyzed for a couple minutes. I now have disk problems, so as I've gotten older, it's more painful. It's hard to sit for hours at a stretch - I have to get up and walk around or lie down.

Sorry, I don't have any magical advice on how to cure it! For me, getting a Sitting MRI showed up my back and disk problems clear as a bell. My other tests, CT scans, X-rays did NOT. First step would be to get a good diagnosis to find out what's causing the pain.

There is a special cushion you can get to sit on. It's sort of slanted, and has a cut out area where your tail bone is, so there is less pressure on the spine. I have a cushion on my desk chair, and I think it really helps!


iliveinpain - August 20

No January, I didn't hurt myself. I put it down to another fibro perk. I have so much pain in my lower back and butt also, that I quit my job in mid June because of the pain of sitting all day behind a desk. That added with the stress of the job - I just couldn't do it anymore. I was debating taking early retirement in 4 years anyway, (I'm 58)- so I know I'm fortunate to have a wonderful husband who is supportive of my decision to quit work and we are, so far, making it financially *knocking on wood here*. I do want to thank you for replying. Take care...


January - August 20

Hi. I'm sorry you hurt so much. Hope you will feel better without having to be at a desk all day. Have you ever tried Lidocaine patches? For me, they really help the lower back pain. The glue isn't good though, so to get them to adhere to skin, I have to lie on a heating pad for a while.


iliveinpain - August 20

The pain patches I tried irritated my skin. GEEZ, it's always something, isn't it??? :)



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