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Oh dear, oh dear oh dear.
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Suzie - October 15

This web site suggests that if deppression causes a fibromite to struggle with the home duties, help should be sought. Well I dont know if I'm nuts or not, but I find the fatigue of fibro very debilitating, causing every day chores to be difficult, given the mental fog/confusion as to how to get on top of the every day stuff. Yes it is depressing
any hints? Do I find someone to help on a domestic level or what?


Jean - October 5

Hi Suzie. Fibromyalgia is a difficult condition. The usual treatment plan are antidepressants, muscle relaxers, and pain medication. It doesn't mean your going crazy it's just the medes needed in treating this condition. The fatigue you are experiencing is probably lack of sleep which is part of the condition. With lack of sleep your body does not recover or replenish itself. So you may need help with sleep to get that good stage 4 or R.E.M. Sometimes not getting enough oxygen to the muscles can cause problems so breathing exercises may help. I would see a rheumatologist to get started and then find a good primary care physician to take you the rest of the to feeling better. Hope I could help and I do feel your pain.


Suzie - October 11

Thanks Jean, I appreciate your encouragement.
I suppose that even tho' I've seen a Rheumatologist, I still doubt whether I have FMS or not. Pain is off and on. Many of the other symptoms seem to be predominant, until I get a three day "tension" headache. These have been part of my life for over 12 years.
The rheumatologist said that the dream phase,or R.E.M phase of sleep is the lighter
end of sleep, which explained to me why I always wake exhausted after vivid dreaming.
Anyway, thanks again Jean. Suzie


gg - October 12

Go to also
It has helped me.


Jean - October 13

Hi Suzie. FMS and CMP are very finicky conditions. There will be times that you will feel normal nothing wrong go do what you do and then after time has lapsed is when it hits you. The FMS and CMP comes knocking at your door causing you pain and stiffness, unusual sensations and a thought you got rid of me reaction. Yes, Suzie, I was skeptical too and fought to show doctors that I did not have this condition but you know what I did not win I have this and it won't go away. I really hope you don't have this because it is down right terrible but it can be treated symptomatically. Talk again to your doctor when things jus don't feel right again. Wish you luck in not having this. :)


Andrea - October 15

I find day to day activities to be extremely exhausting my family gives me crap about it, so i just remind them of this condition, it's hard for people to understand when they aren't dealing with this diblitating condition..If you feel you need help with housework you should do it, you shouldn't over work yourself because someone else has a problem with you taking a nap..hope all goes well.


Suzie - October 15

Thanks Andrea, bless you.



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