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Odors acccccckkkkkk!
9 Replies
struggling - September 28

I was diagnosed with FM about a year ago and am struggling with many of the symptoms but lately one has shown up that I can't figure out how to deal with. I have become extremely sensitive to odors. Even pleasant ones like last Sunday's roast cooking. It got so bad that I had to take 1/2 a pill for anxiety. All week it seems to be growing steadily worse, and then today I seem to have an odor on myself that I can't identify. I can't wear perfumes due to migraine and even after a shower with unscented soap and dressing in clothes washed with detergent for sensitive ppl I can still smell something. My husband can't smell anything and I wonder if this is just a another symptom of the FM. I am feeling terribly anxious about this, any ideas?


Fantod - September 28

The proper term for this condition is hyperosmia. It can be caused by a number of things. This disorder can distort the sense of smell, making innocuous odors smell disagreeable Some possible causes:
Infections in the sinuse
Partial damage to the olfactory nerves
Poor dental hygiene
Mouth infections
I suggest that you see both your doctor and dentist for a check up. Take care.


Gabbie - September 28

I remember talking about this last year with some people here. Yes, I am extremely sensitive to odors and I did read that it is a symptom of fibro. I don't have a distorted sense of smell, as Fantod mentioned, but I do detect even the slightest odors on things and people. While some of the odors are just that, some of them are horrible and actually make me gag where other people don't even notice them. I guess it's sort of that heightened sensitivity that kicks in and believe me, there are times that I smell stuff that I don't want to smell!


Gabbie - September 29

I forgot to mention that sometimes certain noises are a real problem for me. The sound of a squeaking shopping cart wheel actually hurts my ears and I have to cover them with my hands if a siren blasting emergency vehicle passes me. There are other noises and depending on the day I'm having determines just how much I can or cannot tolerate them. Light sometimes bothers me and I find that I need to wear sunglasses all the time when I go out and sometimes fluorescent lights make my eyes feel dry and achy.


hellou - September 29

Dear struggling
I too have noticed an odour on me for years and can't get any doctors to take it seriously It comes from my scalp and other warm areas of my body and is quite sour. I am scrupulous with hygiene and it is really embarrassing. i can't tell you what it is as I have never had the answers but just to let you know you are not alone with this symptom


Shau Marie - October 3

Another symptom I never connected. I have a strong sensitivity to odor, sound, and light. I actually had to vomit when a skunk was killed on the road near our house. I drove me crazy. Neighbor dogs barking incessantly make my nerves a wreck and I can't handle sun or florescent light. I keep telling my husband our house smells and my body never seems clean and i scrub until I am red. What helps? I do feel like my sinus' are blocked and when I take sinus tabs it helps very little.


Izzie60 - October 6

Have you studied MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities). A LARGE numbe of us with fibro have it. It's terrible. Hard to go in pubilc or have anyone over anymore.
It's part of FIBRO I'm sorry to tell you.

IZZIE 60......had fibro for 21 years.


BobbyNva - October 9

I've been diagnosed with FM only a month ago but I've been suffering from various symptoms for many years now. One of them: waking up in the middle of the night and smelling strange odors such as chemicals, burning electrical wires.


kiwigal - October 27

Yes! The smell that bothers me most is bad breath - not mine but other people - I am sure their breath is not bad but I am overly sensitive to it. Also noises annoy the heck out of me - never connected these symptoms before!


trans - October 31

I agree with all of the other participants, I am hyper sensitive, to smells, noise, light, I guess all of the senses. I do not have it chronically, I know how frustrated you are. Just keep doing your best, that is alll that anyone can expect. When you feel anxious about symptoms, just know that there are thousands of us out there sharing your struggle. God Bless.



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