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Odd Symptoms
3 Replies
LowNotes - April 5

Thanks in advance for any responses to this. I have fibro, lupus and pernicious anemia. I have a variety of symptoms that I was wondering if others experience. Besides the fog and the pain, during a flare, I also notice tooth sensitivity, swelling in my gums, extreme insomnia and sensations of tingling, mostly in my legs and feet. Does anyone else experience these symptoms or am I just an anomaly? Thanks again.


JJ1 - April 5

Hi, LowNotes. I am currently being evaluated for pernicious anemia (awaiting blood test results). Are you being treated for this (B12 shots)? .......Regarding your questions, I have had tooth pains before, insomnia and tingling and numbness (mine mostly in fingers and toes). I have not noticed gum swelling. There are so many weird symptoms with Fibromyalgia, you never know if it is related or something else altogether. Good luck.


LowNotes - April 5

Thanks for your answer. Yes, my husband gives me B-12 injections once a month. I agree with you that there are so many symptoms that it's hard to know what is what. I notice, too, that I go from having no appetite to being ravenously hungry and exhausted all at once. It's as if I can't get enough to eat. What a lovely disease, huh? Good luck with your pernicious anemia test. Thank goodness that is easy to treat.


neuro1 - April 6

LowNotes...I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia after 6 years of complaining about all my wierd problems. I have pernicious anemia (they though it was from my vegetarian diet and a family history). Iron supplements definitely help as do B12 shots. Ask your doctor about what's best in your case. Also make sure your eating leafy greens high in iron- spinach is the one everyone knows, but there are a lot of great plant iron sources (red beets and their greens are another great source).
I also get numbness and tingling in my hands and feet. If you also have really cold hands and feet (that often get very white, blue or purple) ask your doctor to look into Raynaud's. I also get burning sensations and tingling in my earlobes and sometimes my lips. My rheumatologist is looking into it right now for me, as well as my sister (who was also recently diagnosed with fibro). It might be something you want to speak with your doctor about since there is a more serious version of Raynaud's that can cause some major problems.



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