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O.K. Now I am convinced I am losing it.
10 Replies
colleen steele - January 5

The other day I was doing some errands and everything was fine feeling good and everything.I got into my neighborhood,two streets away from my house and all of a sudden I could not find my way home. I can't believe I got lost in my own neighborhood. It took me 15 min. to find my house and I have been living here for about 10 years. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry. Once I found my house I didn't leave again for about 3 days. I told my Dr. about it and he said this is not good. It will really suck if I have to quit driving.....Also I was wondering if many of you have carpel tunnel syndrome,I just got it in both of my hands and my fingers stay numb 24/7. Dr.said to wear these braces,even sleep with them on. I don't care for these braces either cause they are giving me a pain in my butt !!! LOL.........Colleen


Jeannie3 - January 5

Oh Colleen I could imagine how it could be funny and scary at the same time. I've lately been driving by my street or apt building only to realize that I have to go all around again. I find my mind drifts when I'm in familiar surroundings in the car and I loose direction. Bad days I'm afraid to drive. Could it have been a tiring day for you more so than others?


BrandyO - January 6

Hi Colleen , I just posted about getting lost on another thread. I totally can relate to this. My husband bought me a car with a navigation system. I too was scared to venture out after getting lost two blocks from home. I can laugh about it now but it scared the crap out of me when it happened. I still find myself getting disorientated while driving (especially at night) but having the navigation system helps put my mind at ease. At least I know I will always find my way home. I also had carpel tunnel syndrome. I had surgery on it like 10 years ago. Best wishes! Brandy


yannie - January 6

colleen... you have lots of company with this problem! I think fatigue is a big player with this...I use post-it-notes to kepp me on track (and i try very hard not to lose my notes - not a foolproof system but it helps) I always try to park in the same area and have a ribbon on my car as a marker. If you get lost...pull over, calm down, rest a few minutes and check your purse for your address - it will refresh and redirect the mind to get back on track....i tried to find my cell phone charger for a week...finally found it in the refrig in a forgotten lunch bag I had packed - gave everyone including me a great laugh!


colleen steele - January 6

Thank you all for replying.Some good advice I will use { if I can remember]. Pulling over would have been the right thing to do,but instead I kept frustrating myself. And it could be that I was getting tired. When I got home I was exhausted. It really was scary though.The worst part is that I had a friend with me. Thank God she is one of the few I know that understands fibro a little.I guess the fibrofog at least gives us a little something to laugh about. I always carry my cell phone too. I never leave home without it. Again Thank You and I hope and pray all are feeling well today...Colleen


Lyle Anderson - January 10

colleen, I have carpal tunnel AND tarsel tunnel, the foot version. As for losing the car, I just hit the panic button on my car key or beep the car. Please don't be so worried about having such serious fibro-fog. We all have a different symptom of FMS that we get the most of, like fibro-fog is worst for you, muscle weakness and myofascio-dysfunction is worst for me. Way, way back when my doc put me on Neurontin and Depakote and the really severe fibro-fog went away. Those meds have been replaced in the industry by Lyrica and Kepra but the point is that there are meds that can get rid of your fibro-fog, or at least get control over it.


JJ1 - January 10

Lyle, are you saying that Lyrica and Keppra are prescribed to alleviate fibrofog? I looked them up and they are for pain and seizures, respectively. I neither have pain severe enough to take a pain med and i have no seizures, but do docs prescribe them just for the fibrofog? I would like to mention it to my doc if that is the case.


Lyle Anderson - January 11

JJ!, I'm not sure if the Lyrica and the Kepra were prescribed for fibrofog. Let me recount my history. I was prescribed Depakote for a seizure I had but I noticed it also cleared up a whole bunch of other things. I was prescribed Neurontin for the FMS and they kept me on the Depakote for the FMS. Depkote and Neurontin were eventually replaced ny Kepra and Lyrica. I am also on Cymbalta. All I know is that somewhere in there the fibrofog went away. I still get bits of it but it's not like it was---like a real fog that came over me and I couldn't think straight or talk or perceive anything correctly for two or three days at a time. That's the most that I can tell you. I know that these meds work differently on different people and that it's really the 'cocktail' that's important. Mention the Depakote and the Neurontin to your doc and the fact that it seems to have alleviated the worst of the fog. See what he/she says. The worst they can say is 'no.' Good luck.


colleen steele - January 11

Hi Lyle , Actually fibro fog is not my main problem until recently.The pain is the worst thing.My doctor has me on 8 different kinds of meds.I have never taken depakote but have a friend who takes it in combination with a percocet for migraines.He does not have fibro. But I will mention it to my doctor.He knows I don't have insurance and is hesitant to give me things I can't afford..... And I didn't lose the car I was in it and couldn't find my way home.LOL...I drive a old model car so I don't have one of those beeb thingys,so I hope I never do loose my car. I think I will take Yannie advice and tie a ribbon on it just in case I do loose it. Thanks for the advice and I most definatly will ask my dr.about it. But I think he believes I am already on to much meds. I have never heard of tarsel tunnel,but sometimes my foot swells about 3 times it's actual size,and can not even walk on it when it does swelI.Thank God this doesn't happen very often but when it does it is excrutiation,I feel for you.I wonder if that could be what I have. Once a foot dr. told me my instep was to high and to buy these foot supports to go in my shoes that cost $298.00. Well I didn't get them and got Dr.scholls instead,it help a little.That was years ago before I knew I had fibro.......Anyway I hope this post finds everyone having a great day !!!
Thanks again,Colleen


Wanda - January 12

My rheumatologist prescribed Lyrica for me last year. It was manufactured to help with seizure activity but he said they were finding it also helped with FMS. I had a lot of trouble getting my insurance to pay for it because my diagnosis wasn't seizures so I just took one month of it. Didn't take it long enough to see if it heped.


Jeannie3 - January 12

Hi Wanda, my doctor has just applied for me to get Lyrica (I've been livinig on samples). I don't have siezures but he is going on the basis that Lyrica helps with the nerve pain which has given me a lot of problems with my back/siatica. I'm waiting for a reply from him any time now. Since I started to take Lyrica I am constantly on the move where before my aches and pains would make me flop and not want to move. I do ache but not as much. Keep you posted and maybe there will still be a chance.



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