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Nutritional Information For FMS
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Fantod - June 17

I went to see a nutritionist recently - here is an overview of the information provided. It may be helpful to some of you.

You may already know that flaxseed oil is usually recommended for FMS - 2400 mg a day. The nutritionist said the better way to go is to buy whole flaxseed (Arrowhead Mills) and grind it yourself into meal using a cheap coffee grinder. Keep the bag in the fridge and grind about a half cup at a time. Use 1 TBS a day in leiu of taking gel capsules of flaxsseed oil. It has a nutty flavor so you can sprinkle on cereal, yogurt, cottage cheese etc. Much more potent doing it like this.

If you have orthopedic problems like I do, they recommended Glucosamine Sulfate (500 mg) & Chrondroitin Sulfate (400 mg) combined in one capsule ( PureFlex dc 21 or any other brand will do). Use two or three a day. This is different than Osteobioflex which I was taking. If there is any cartilage left in a joint, it helps stabalize and may rebuild it a bit. It also helps with bursitis. Osteobioflex does not work like the sulfate combo.

I was using Evening Primrose oil (EPO) to fight inflammation too. Apparently, it can build up in tissue especially breast tissue (heaven forbid - lol). They said to lose the EPO and use Black Currant Seed Oil instead - 1000 - Omega 3 + GLA included in it. It is more easily absorbed by folks with FMS and good for the skin besides. It also does not build up in tissue like EPO. One gel cap a day.
This nutrionist has been treating FMS since the 80s before it was acknowledged as a disease. They feel that FMS and the alimentary canal are tied together to some degree. It is possible that IBS is one form of FMS that is localized in the gut.

They also feel that the adrenal glands don't function properly in us problem kids. To that end, they recommend desicates to support the adrenals and improve energy and stamina. The Alacer Company made them but they are now discontinued. They are taken with or without food - one or two at a time. You have to decide how to use them to make efficent use of the effect. It is not necessary to use them every day. They are looking for a viable substitute for this product. There are some desciate products available but they have not found a good substitute for the Alacer brand to date.

We also discussed theraputic breathing. Shallow breathing is very common with FMS. They recommmend that several times a day you breath deeply in through your nose, so that your whole rib cage and stomach move. Hold it for a count of 6 and then exhale through the mouth for a count of six. This is a good stress buster, helps with GERD and also helps with fibrofog which may be partially caused by lack of oxygen.

For memory glitches use phosphatidyl serine complex. I use a product called "Neuro-PS" made by Puritan's Pride which they said was fine. You can order this online from Puritan's Pride.

They also recommented using Fibersure or Benefiber which dissolves in liquid a couple of times a day. Also, Biodophilus which helps the gut balance itself. Over time it can strengthen yhour whole digestive system. The latter - 1/2 rounded teaspoon in tepid water twice a day.

The last thing we discussed was pain control. They are going to order me a GAIA herbal compound called "Migra-Profen" which is supposed to be excellent for pain. It has Feverfew, Skullcap, Kava Kava, Valerian, Jamacian Dogwood bark, Rosemary extract, and Ginger extract. I'll have it late next week so it will be a while before I can report on the effectiveness of this product.

Of course, no one should use any homeopathic remedies without being checking on the possible side effects. I am simply passing this information along in hopes that some of it may be useful.



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