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Numbness & Tingling in the Face
7 Replies
SouthernGirl - April 2

Hello All,
I have recently been diagnosed with FMS and am still trying to understand what I am dealing with. I ache all over, have joint pain, feel sun-burned, and have twitches and cramps all the time. I am taking Cymbalta which helps some but some pains are breaking through. Yesterday and today I have tingling and tightness in my face and chin. Is this a symptom that others have--should I be concerned? I have seen a Rheumy and Nuerologist. The Rheumy diagnosed me--I am waiting on results from the Nureologist. I would appreciate any feedback anyone could offer.


Fantod - April 2

Hello and welcome to the group. You are probably experiencing myofacial pain which is common among people with Fibromyalgia (FMS). Take a loook at the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page. You will find some information about it under "associated conditions." Take care.


gucci - April 10

Hi Southergirl, i have been having the same symptoms with my face all week and its really bothering me , the only way i can describe the feeling is like a cold sore is about to appear but never does its that type of tingling on my lip my face goes stiff and i get pain in my chin and jaw. the doctor is at a loss to what it is and puts it down to anxiety Hmm! i dont think it is , have you had any luck in finding out what causing it good luck


ptalana - April 10

Hi SouthernGirl, and welcome. What you are describing is part and parcel of fibro and as Fantod has said is experienced by many of us, myself included. This numbness, tingling and burning can be found in our face, hands, feet, legs, etc. It's referred to as paresthesia and experts believe it has to do with sensations of the peripheral nerves carried to the spinal cord, any disorder to this pathway causes paresthesia. Thus it is related to Fibromyalgia, studies suggest that taking antidepressants like amitriptyline can help with these sensations. Also taking a vitamin B complex/ B 12 have also been shown to help. This is something to discuss with your health care provider.
Fibromyalgia is a very complex disorder, having so many related conditions it can be extremely frustrating and scary at times.
You can talk to your doctor about the breakthrough pain, many of us experience this as well and there are medications that can help.
Once again welcome to the forum.
Take care, Patty:)


fibro78957 - May 23

I was having the same numbness and tingling in my face and mouth for along time. My rheumy started me on cymbalta and it has helped more with the numbeness and tingling that it did with the pain.


DaisyJones - October 18

hi southerngirl, and everyone else!
I have been suffering Fibro for a long time now and have developed many new symptoms over the years. however the facial pain and loss of sensation to half my face is new for me. it doesnt quite fit how the others who have posted say it feels, if your pain and numbness is as the other describe then that explains it i guess but always get new symptoms checked as so many other illnesses overlap fibro and so many of us write new symptoms off as part and parcel. its also important to keep your gp up to date with how the illness is affecting you.

anyway I post this for you because my current symptom started as, I thought a migraine, my head hurt like hell on the left side with bad pain in my ear and neck also. This progressed quickly to a loss of sensation in the left side of my face, (not quite numb but definately different to the other side of my face) this is sometimes accompanied by a tingling in my check ,nose, top lip and chin all left side only. its now been eight weeks and i have tried every pain med from paracetamol to morphine with no effect. (i'm already on alot of pain meds regularly for the control of my fibro. my face feels heavy and tight, I am experiencing alot of pain in my eye, my balance is affected and i have become so dizzy i have fallen a few times! this may just be a progression of my fibro but i have nagged at my doc and i am having an MRI scan on sunday. Better safe than sorry!

im not just out to windge, or scare you my point is as nice as it is to know others have experienced similar so you are not alone, it is always best to talk to your doc, i know this can be hard it took years and a change of doc for mine to believe me!
i found some of the best help and support from a pain management group, if you have access to one of these id highly recommend. the other thing i have found to be imensly helpful is a practice called TRE developed by DR David Bercelli, i would also recommend checking that out.
best of luck anyhow, take care
Daisy xx


Katzra - November 2

I was just diagnosed with trigeminal nerve migraines from my Neurologist. I had what I called neurologic episodes because I couldn't describe what was happening any other way. They always started with profuse sweating then difficulty breathing, a dizzy equilibrium off feeling, numbness sensations flushing up and down my face (more prevalent when turning my head), lightheadedness, immense fatigue- arms feel really heavy, incoherent- takes longer than normal to process what anyone says to me, forget what I am doing, chest pain, blurred/double vision, can't tell if I am speaking right, uncoordinated/stumbling/heavy footed walking, stomach pain/nausea. This list was from one of the attacks I had when I was at work and as the symptom occurred I wrote it down. I ended up going to the ER that night because I felt like I was dying. They did blood work, CT scan and found nothing. That was probably the 4th or 5th time going to the ER for the same symptoms and tests always came back good.

I did some research and found that it could be the beginning sign of MS, and, with everything else from Fibromyalgia it was a possibility so I decided to go to a Neurologist with brain/MS specialty. He knew immediately that it was these trigeminal nerve migraines, he started listing all the symptoms, I was impressed and amazed. He did an MRI to rule out MS, or any serious nerve pinching.

Just a little important background about myself that makes this diagnosis make complete sense, I had a serious whiplash injury years ago that makes it easier for me to get whiplash again and damaged all the nerves and tissue in my neck, I have constant muscle spasms on the left side of my neck.

It is truly disabling when it occurs, yet, just one more thing to add to my list of problems that come with Fibromyalgia.

I posted this in hopes that it may assist others in finding answers and of course it always helps to know we are not alone.

~Warriors stand strong.


happyheart77 - November 22

Hi everybody!I`m a newbie here ,and really finding this form informative ,so thankyou all!
yes I have fibro/ddd/arthritis/tinnitus *constant* ,and the list goes on.It was actually my dentist who noticed I had Myofacial syndrome ,and ,actually asked be4 I said ,did I have fms? The tingling is worse when I`m walking.(not that I can very far) ,but it`ll just start and I won`t be able to feel my face ,espec around my nose and mouth?..
I was given Cymbalta ,but I felt dreadful ,and have heard it`s even worse to come off of ,so quit it.Then I was tried on nearly every drug listed.I`d like to try amytriptiline again.I was prescribed it before and it gave me probs trying to pass water.Now ,however I seem to have permanent cystitis so I`d be grateful for the break!!
I have to say ,aswell as the great dr I have ,my rheumy is brilliant and spots everything!
Wishing you all a better ,brighter day x



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