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Numbness in fingertips
9 Replies
JJ1 - January 31

Lately I have been getting a weird numbness in my fingertips. I have had a long term numbness in my toes and circulation seems to be fine so I don't think it is Raynaud's, but the finger numbness feels different. It is very short term -- I may feel it for a matter of minutes or even an hour or so then it goes away. Anyone else have this. Could this be a sign of some other disorder. of course MS and ALS are always a fear in the back of my mind.


dream69 - January 31

Don't worry its all fibromyalgia. I get that also.


BrandyO - February 1

I have this in my feet and fingers. After nerve conduction test it was found that I have some mild neuropathy. I was tested for MS but that was negative. My neurologist feels this is a symptom of the fibromyalgia. It doesn't bother me everyday but when it does it is bothersome so I can relate.


teresat - February 1

I've not experienced numbness. Mine is more like tingling. Did you have a tingling sensation's before the numbness started? I also have involuntarily muscle twitching. Does anyone have this?


JJ1 - February 1

There is sort of a tingling with the numbness in my fingers but not in my toes. I guess that is how the fingers feel a little different. I am so scared to bring up testing for MS. Sometimes I get clumsy and drop stuff and of course that sets off the ALS fears, but it is so random, I don't know. I also have had trouble for many years doing anything delicate with my fingers, like threading beads or something like that. I have thought thank goodness I am not in a field where I have to use my fingers and hands for anything other than typing. I could not be a doctor or dentist that is for sure.


larry - February 1

Hey JJ1, I used to get this also. I think that if you take the info that dream69 posted about how the pathway of thyroxine (thyroid hormones-sp?) as well the other glandular hormones gets damaged from whiplash to your endochriologist it would help. I know that my pain went away when I got the pitutary, adrenal, hypothalmus and thyroid hormones balanced. Unfortunately, these hormonal deficiencies are often missed or poorly treated (90% of the time) because doctors have come to rely on standard blood tests that require an intact pituitary and hypothalamus for diagnosis and dosing of hormone levels. There is, however, severe hypothalamic and pituitary dysfunction with these conditions, making the standard blood tests inadequate. Some typical hormones functions, not just levels, that need to be evaluated include thyroid function, growth hormone, testosterone, aldosterone, cortisol, DHEA, pregnenolone, estradiol, progesterone, among others. When they are properly treated and balanced, tremendous results can be achieved. For details on the specifics or the blood tests to request I would check the site and the site. The F&F site and the site that dream69 posted this week also talks about how ALS, MS, Lupus and fibro cause numbness and tingling and have been traced back to infections. I hope his helps.


JJ1 - February 1

I have never had whiplash.


larry - February 1

JJ!, I am soooo sorry. I got you cofused with Lynne?? It was Lynne that was talking about her whiplash wasn't it? Any way- sorry.


dream69 - February 1

JJ1: Low carb diet that is gluten free is usually what is recommended for celiac disease. I know you love carbs but your health is more important than your taste buds!


JJ1 - February 1

Thanks, dream. Yeah I have read all about the diet. I don't know if I have it yet and I very well may not, but will do what it takes to get myself better. Actually it is not the carbs that are the problem but gluten that is in wheat and some other grains. So rice and potatoes are ok. Oats are controversial because sometimes they are cross contaminated with wheat. What is bad is all the foods that you don't know. I have been examining labels and noticed that the marinade I used for steaks last night contains starch so that would be a no no on a gluten-free diet. While I hope I don't have celiac and the lifetime gluten free diet is not something to wish upon oneself, there would be satisfaction in knowing what is wrong with me since I have my doubts about fibromyalgia.



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