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Now I have an under active thyroid, on top of everything.
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fibromite.u.k. - August 17

Hi, I have been told by my doctor today that I now have an under active thyroid gland. This is just one more thing to add to an ever growing list of illnesses. I had some blood tests done as I was even more tired that usual (which I wouldn't have thought possible). I have to start on tablets for this straight away. It is funny that some of the symptoms I have read up on like dry skin, brittle nails, a horse voice etc, I have had for several years, yet former blood tests for this have been ok. Also it says that you feel the cold, but I am nearly always hot and getting cold clammy sweats all the time. I wonder if it is possible to have an under active thyroid and it not show up in blood tests? I hope the tablets help as I feel so low and exhausted just now.


belle1329 - August 18

OMG, I have been diagonosed with fibro, but, I HAVE ALL THESE SYMPTOMS dry skin, brittle nails, a horse voice etc, had for several years, yet former blood tests for this have been ok. i AM ALWAYS feelING the cold My Dr. just gave me blood work on Fri to test thyroid any suggestions if it comes back ok again? Thanks
I was doing pretty good (exercise and diet, felt good) until a few weeks ago got very stressed out and could not sleep. Dr. gave me some time out of work and did the blood work, I am calling tomorrow for results.


belle1329 - August 18

results are in , Thyroid test was ok, b12 ok, iron was a bit low , and wants to retest is 6wks??? now what, what can it be :(??????????


fibromite.u.k. - August 18

Hi Belle, I don't know what to say to you really. I know that I had thyroid blood tests done last July and also in December and they came back ok, yet I have had all the symptoms for a long time. The only difference is that this time the exhaustion was even worse and I could hardly walk even in my house. I know if you look up underactive thyroid in the associated conditions on this site, that it says it is common for people to have both fibro and an underactive thyroid and that a lot of the conditions are very much the same. Maybe you could mention all this to your doctor and see what he says. The only difference I thought of is that this time because I was also being checked for blood sugar I had a fasting blood test, yet before when both the tests came back ok, I didn't fast before having the tests, but I really don't know if that would have made any difference. Good luck and let me know how you get on at your doctors.


fibromite.u.k. - August 18

Hi again Belle, Our messages must have just crossed. I also have to have another blood test in six weeks, so I wonder if your doctor is checking you again for your thyroid or for your iron levels? I was also very tired when my iron levels got low and I had full blown aneamia back in December which went on for a few months. Have you been put on iron tablets, I would be surprised if you haven't. Let me know how things go along with you.


belle1329 - August 18

No I have not been put on iron she said the levels were not too low border line I guess. Interesting that thyroid test came back positive for thyroid when fasting. Maybe Ill mention that or do research, as I did not fast this time and was going to ask about my sugar levels, since I have been having problems with my eyes also. I have another posting on that on here , problems with signals to open them. Thanks for your comments and help :)


kvc33 - August 18

Here in Canada anyway the regular thyroid test only tests for T4, if you want the more comprehensive test which includes T3 and T4 you have to pay for it yourself. Low thyroid is often missed. Iron pills are very poorly absorbed and almost useless. I take a liquid iron supplement that is all natural and available at health food stores called Floradix. If your doctor refuses to give you meds for low thyroid and you think you have it there are natural options as well to boost it. I know two people with CFS that benefited greatly by having their low thyroid treated.


belle1329 - August 19

Thanks, kvc33 I will check with my natural health food or vitiman store for the thyroid and the iron, but I always have a problem with iron, stomach cramps and I have IBS, do you have any problems taking the floradx ? :)



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