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7 Replies
Mrs Zozzer - September 8

I'm not sure if this is fibromyalgia or not, but 18 months ago I had both hands treated for carpul tunnel but this made no difference I was told to go back and see my Gp as they were not sure what was wrong but there was two choices either rhumatoid arthritus or Fibromyalgia, I was tested for rhumatoid which came back negative and my Gp will now not admit that I have FM. My symptoms are hand, fingers & wrist pain, constant neck & shoulder pain, messed up periods more often than not going 7-9 weeks in between and only "Being on " for a day or two. Up until last Friday I had only had the odd palpitation but last Friday up until today I've been having them on and off mainly when I have had something to eat and also when I lean forward and I am feeling full all the time even without having any food but right before the palpitations started I had a left sided pain in my back just around where my Lung is all this is driving me CRAZY. Both my Brother and aunt suffer from Fibromyalgia. I see my practice nurse on thurs afternoon Oh and I also have an underactive thyroid. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE

Mrs Zozzer in the UK


Fantod - September 8

There are still a lot of doctors out there who do not believe in Fibromyalgia (FMS). The fact that you have two family members with it is probably a good indication that you have it. FMS can run in families. You need to see a rheumotologist to get a firm diagnosis. I realize that you are in the UK and getting to see anyone is a challenge. You are just going to have to insist that you see a rheumotologist and/or a pain specialist. Even in the US, most of us have had a negative experience with at least one doctor when it comes to FMS. You'll have to be your own best advocate in order to get the care you need and deserve. Take care.


Mrs Zozzer - September 8

Thanks for the reply Fantod

When I try to mention the (FMS) to my Gp he just keeps telling me to carry on with the Tramadol (They have no effect) and come back to see me in 3 months time but even the nurse can see looking at my notes that I have been mentioning pain in my neck and shoulders for quite a while so it is not just a new complaint I have also asked him about seeing a Rheumotologist but yet again he fobs me off. When I had half of my knee replaced last Nov using the crutches was extreemly pain full on my shoulders,neck & chest.

Mrs Zozzer (UK)


pfiinch - September 8

Some Dr. will just put in your fibro due to patients history.That is what mine did.It sure sounds lie fibro.I have the hand on fire and my wrist are crackinf all the time and certain ways that I move them they kill me and the the shoulders too.I am very sensitive to the air and breezess .
Talk to your Dr. and see if he can put the fibro due to your history.Good Luck and God Bless You.
Patti F


Mrs Zozzer - September 10

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee finally seen my practice nurse and explained everything to her on how I was feeling she then made me an appointment with the doctor, I told him everything and he now has referred me for an ECG tommorow because of the palpitations and also to go and see a rhumatologist (Which my normal gp should have done last Dec) will let you know what happens thanks everyone for the replys.

Mrs Zozzer


pfiinch - September 10

Mrs Zozzer Thank god they are doing this so fast it is nothing to mess with.I can't beleive your family Dr. didn't take more concern with this.It sounds like you finaly got someone who cares.Stay withth me.Good luck!!

God bless you and our world.

Praise the Lord he is working everyday on our world


Mrs Zozzer - September 11

Got word today my ECG is on the 24th Sept and the rhumatologist is on the 5th Oct have to travel 15 miles for that one as the hospital closest to me don't seem to have any appointmants hopefully when it all is sorted (I mean confirmed what is the cause I may be able to consentrate on my life and maybe be able to get a little more sleep. Thanks for all the replys.

Mrs Zozzer (Leigh) UK


Fantod - September 11

Good for you! I'm glad that the nurse listened to you and that you will be getting some proper attention for your health issues. Enjoy the weekend!



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