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Not much pain?
4 Replies
Laura - November 16

I've had fibromyalgia for 10 years now, was diagnosed two years ago, have all the symptoms, tender points, etc., but my pain is mild. My worse symptom is constant fatigue, followed by insomnia and bowel problems. I do get burning pain all over, but its worst in my ribs and chest. Can anyone explain what's going on?


Jean - November 7

You seem to be having Fibromyalgia symptoms. Has the doctor prescribed you anything for insomnia? That will cause you fatigue during the day. You need to get good quality sleep. Do you have any other underlying conditions such as restless leg syndrome which is uneasiness in your legs and sometimes spasms can also cause the burning sensation because of the tightening of the muscles. See what your doctor will say and start some stretching exercises being still is not a good thing must try to stay active and fight for your health. Hope this helps.


nan - November 12

Can't explain it. that doesn't mean you don't have to deal with it. it is still real. my pain is not terrible all the time like many fm people complain of but the fatique and sleep problems are extreme. cant' explain it. you really have to move around the need to know why, accept the mystery and do the best you can to treat your specific symptoms like jean said be active. Ha!! you are laughin now and so am i becuase we are too tired to be active!!! just do your best to do somthing light like yoga or relaxing activities. When you do have a decent day and your mind actually functions make a plan of action of things to do that help. when i'm down with constant fatigue for days or weeks at atime i can't even think of what i could do to make myself better. I have started taking a really strong sleeping pill and going to bed at 8:30. that way i usully get enough sleep befor the alarm and am not groggy form the drug the next day. i did not want to give in to strong drugs for sleep, but sleep is the key. hope you get some relief soon.


LAURA - November 13

Thanks Jean and Nan,
I'm doing stretching exercises every day. The pain management clinic at our local hospital gave them to me. I also was going to a heated pool once a week, but this week I was too tired to go. Also, my husband objected to the money. He'll let me go, even drive me there and wait for me, but I know he thinks it's a waste of money. We're making car payments now and things are tight, so maybe he's right. I have restless leg syndrome, but it's really just a feeling that I have to stretch all the time. I also have 2 artificial knees and 2 artificial shoulders from osteoarthritis, collagenous colitis or irritable bowel syndrome or both, the doctors aren't sure, asthma, neurally mediated hypotension, and asthma. Oh yes, and I'm lactose intolerant. Gee, isn't life fun?


Jean - November 16

You can take a medication to lessen the affects of the restless leg syndrome. Klonopin .5mg might help you can take it every 6 hours as needed. Talk to your doctor about it if it is causing you alot of trouble. Restless leg can also keep you from good sleep.



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