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not going back to the Rhuem anymore
6 Replies
jrzgirl1 - November 28

There is nothing she can do for me, all the meds out there I cannot take so it is a waste of money just to hear her say I don't know what else to do for you. I am off Pain meds since 7:00pm Monday, it is 5 days without any of the darvocet, I'm in a ton of pain but I really believe I am wasting her time and mine. I don't know what or where I can go, money is tight so I guess I will have this the rest of my life. I need to change my life for ME. not being happy and depressed added by pain = a unhappy life. all suggestions are welcome. My insurance will not cover massage therapy, acupuncture or anything that might help. pain management Dr just wanted to give me 3 shots in my back a week, where I live, it would cost $3,000 a week, and ins. will not cover that. I pray that God has a better plan for my life, I want to be happy and in love before I leave this earth when God calls me home


kvc33 - November 28

I'm very concerned about you jrzgirl1. I have a home massage unit called kneading fingers that I really like. It doesn't actually have fingers, but two steel balls that go around in circles. It's about two hundred dollars but you pay for it once and that's it. Are you on any meds now? Antidepressants? Some people say that Pot really helps their pain, could you do that? Have you been tested for food allergies? Vitamin D deficiency? What kind of shape is your spine in? Have you seen a chiropractor or sports medicine specialist? Is darvocet still on the market in other countries? Would you be willing to take it even though it has risks? There has to be an answer, there just has to be.


Stacey373 - November 28

I agree with kvc - there HAS to be something out there that you can take or do or whatever to help you even just a little. I don't know what that is....but it's got to be out there.

I'm a little confused...I don't understand how you can take darvocet, but not percocet? Aren't they they same medicine, Percocet is just stronger?


jrzgirl1 - November 28

I do not want any RX pain meds, they can be addictive and pain meds do not help depression and sadness in a marriage, I gave it to God, he knows me the best


axxie - December 1

Have you tried hormone therapy, hopefully the insurance will pay for it. I know for a fact that hormones do play a major part in how you feel mentally and physically.

I went back on hormones and I must say I have less pain, and my outlook is much better. Maybe you can go see your regular gp and ask to go on hormones supplement. Yes, it's a drug, but you are not all drugged up, if you know what I mean.

hormones I would give it a try, how is your thyroid, do you suffer from that because if you do, it could be you need to make changes to your prescription dose, it could be pernicious vit b-12 defenciennt. It's like being animic and you have to take vit b-12 shots every month.

Have you tried a nutual supplement like estroven, I used to take estroven long time ago, and it helped me calm down and sleep better.


duhda75 - December 1


I am also confused a too why you stopped taking the darvocet? I was told by my Dr that you can't become addicted to meds as long as you take them as directed. Do not self medicate (up or change the meds doseage) without dr's orders. And, also you can't become addicted if the med hasn't been altered. Such as, mixed with something else, or crushed, or injected. My Husband had the same concerns of addiction before I started Methadone for pain. (I have a very high tolerence to meds) I was also told Methadone does not mess with your vital organs. (liver,lungs, ect) I also take Norco for break through pain. I have never experienced a foggy, high, or addicted feeling with any of my meds. I know everyones experiences are different.

I would rather have some relief than suffer with pain everyday of my life. Or as some may see it "have a addiction". I like being able to live life in a more tolerable way. I am all for the meds addiction or not. I can take care of my family, which otherwise without pain meds I wold not be able to do.

I hope this helps you to see pain meds as a alternitave way of living instead of a addiction.


jrzgirl1 - December 1

The FDA took it off the market for good



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