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Not falling apart today
3 Replies
Wycklochness - December 19

On Monday I nearly passed out while shopping, and felt so sore and sorry for myself. Tuesday I spent the day working from home, and it took all my effort to concentrate. I was in so much pain and felt as grey as the sky was. A very dark day indeed. Today Wednesday, I awoke early, had no pain, worked like a trojan, have been to a Christmas BBQ, had a couple of drinks, a good meal and great company and I feel fantastic. Ready to take the world on.

If only I could feel like that every day again. But I am so relaxed, and have been all day. It makes me wonder if stress is very much the contributing factor. But I was also wondering if other people have these types of ups and downs, and when they are up what was their day like, were they relaxed, did they feel good about themselves etc. It's the first time in months that I have been pain free.

Just thought I would share this with you. I guess we need to share the good feelings as well as the yucky ones.



silky - December 19

Isn't amazing how you can feel so great on a random day? It makes you think you have no illness. I do think stress makes my fibro worse but it doesn't always seem that way. Stress is such a constant anyway. I think we just have to appreciate those good days but not over do ourselves either. I hope you have many more good days ahead. Happy thoughts!


tnichel - December 19

Monday I went shopping. I felt fine before leaving home. But once I went outside I became exhausted. I had to take off my jacket inside the mall b/c I was so hot and I rarely have to remove clothing. I sat on a bench for 10 minutes and I'd only been in the mall 30 minutes. I finally made it home and took a 30 minute nap. I wasn't in a bad mood money but I new I had a lot to do that day. Tuesday I stayed home and did a lot of cleaning but nothing to heavy. I did not feel tire nor did I feel I over-exerted myself. (Times like those I tend to act like I don't have a life-long condition.) But I guess i did to too much. Today, I woke up in a fine mood but my body aches all over. I 'm walking slow and I'm stiff b/c my back, foot, neck and arms hurt. I do believe stress does play a role in pain levels and you may not see the results for days. When I'm with family I don't usually feel bad until everyone leaves or the big event is over. I live for the pain free moments. They give me hope but I wish I could more accurately pinpoint when I'm getting ready to have a flare. I don't know if this helps but I figured I'd share my experiences. Maybe we all can come up with some answers.


Wycklochness - December 20

Well it's Thursday today, and I am pain free, but my head is spinning. I am working out on a job away from home, and am really twirling. This is stressful as the company is in financial trouble, and I control the financials. pain, which is good. Just wish I could get rid of the twirling in my head. Thank you to silky and tnichel for replying. Stress I feel is a contibuting factor to this illness. But I still take each day as it comes and document how I have felt at the end of the day. Perhaps by sharing what some of our days are like, it may bring us closer to an answer or the right kind of help. Cheers and thank you.



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