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Not diagnosed...
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paininde - June 10

Hi, I am really hoping you guys can provide me with some input. I am going to start from the beginning. Sorry if this gets long.
Back in August of 2006 I injured my back carrying a 400+ lb patient up 2 flights of steps. ( I was an EMT) I was taken out of work for a month before I was allowed to return. The pain in my thoracic area never resolved. I have had x-rays, MRI's, catscans, bone scans. Still no diagnosis. I have been seeing a pain management doctor for the last 2 years. I have had nerve blocks & thoracic facet joint blocks. Neither offered relief.
Beginning in Nov of 2008 I began having horrible headaches and tons of pain in my neck and head. The pain management doc thought I may have occipital neuraglia and went through a series of occipital nerve blocks which offered minimal relif.
Here it is June and the pain continues to get worse. This is a list of my symptoms which seems to be growing daily.
-horrible thoracic pain
-constant burning feeling in neck/shoulders/back
-when I get out of bed in the morning my whole body is stiff and sore
-my arms go numb/tingly at different points throughout the day
-pain in my legs
-pain in my hips
-vision problems
-headaches daily

Its like my symptoms change day to day but it always consists of pain somewhere. Do you think this could be fibromyalgia? I am so frustrated with the doctors. No one is willing to listen to me. They make me feel like this is all in my head. My pain management doc tries to pump me with pain killers. I refuse to take them, they don't help anyway. I just want a diagnosis. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


paininde - June 10

I forgot to include pain and weakness in my arms to the list of symptoms.


paininde - June 10

as well as pain the base of my skull by my neck. It is even tender to touch. My head feels like it is too heavy for my neck to hold most of the time.


axxie - June 10

Hello paininde

Welcome to the fibro forum, we are all here to help and post our good and bad days.

One thing I would like for you do is keep a pain management diary, a simple one, example:
Monday June 10, pain level 5 in back, pain level in legs 3, headache a.m./p.m. doesn't go away, feels like a tight band around skull.
Vision ok today, hips feel like pin and needles
numb and tingly in hands and feet (sole).
Took tylenol (whatever medication) gave me no relief, took two more pain medication, still no relief. Sleep deprived. Took sleep aid did not help, very upset can't control my emotions

The second thing I want you to do, is get some chiro or physio treatment, then again, write had physio pain is worse level 8, or had chiro pain level is 4.

This simple diary will help you when you see the doctor(s).
Ask the doctor(s) to test you for fibromyalgia tender points, please peruse this site and get diagram (this is for your own use and also to know where they will press and the results). Also add that to your diary.

Tell doctor(s) you need to rest and need some kind of pain relief, also peruse site for different medication that you think might help you and tell the doctor why?

I wish I had a magic word for you, to help you feel better, unfortunately I don't. A few tricks for you to help you manage some of the pain and sleep.

Take hot shower, if you can find a place to take a sauna without joining a gym membership, use it, everyday, this will give you some help in managing your pain. Try floating in water (preferably warm pool) if not any water therapy is good for you.

Take benedryl for sleep (all sleeping aid in over the counter have benedryl, it induces sleep).

Buy creme or pain patches to help you manage your pain during the day. Go out for a walk even if it's just around the block, or go to the mall and walk, use a buggy if need be, if you have difficulty walking without help.

Do not eat, any kind of sugars, no coffee, no colas, no teas except white or green tea, stay away from red meats, eat fish, no starches, no bread.

Take multivitamin, glucosamine sulfate, drink lots of water, fish oil, fiber, calcium, b12 b6 complex, coenzymeQ10

Keep daily journal, took multivitamin, fish oil, drank 6 glasses of water, feel better, throabing headache, ate steak and salad for supper, feeling depressed (pain level 8).

After a few weeks, go see your doctor and show him your diary.
Write note: maybe I need cymbalta, read up on what it's for, might help me? please feel substitute for another kind of medication.

Good luck to you and return and tell us how you are feeling. :) we are all here to help each other.



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