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Not being able to drive
2 Replies
nikkihogg - February 27

Hi again everyone. Thank you for your responses to my last "venting".
As of right now, I am off work until the end of March. Working in an office environment had become very difficult for me before I went off work. I am in constant pain somewhere in my body at all times. It is like a travelling circus of torture. My biggest problem has been my not being able to drive. I am dizzy alot of the time and cannot focus on anything long enough to be able to drive safely. Thank God I have a very supportive husband(even if he doesn't understand) and he has been driving me to all of my appointments. I am actually going to a Chronic Pain Support Group tonight and he has to take me there as well. I feel like a burden. Anyone else out there unable to drive?
Not too sure what I am going to do when I go back to work. It is a 25 minute drive for me, and I don't think I can do it. The pain meds make me very sleepy, and I am afraid I will nod off while driving.
I know that my doctor wants me to go back to work, he says it will be good for me, but I know that I cannot sit and do my job properly. I also have to get up alot to tend to customers, and go up 14 stairs just to get to the washroom.(Stairs hurt alot!)
How do I go about telling my doctor that I can't do it without sounding whiny or just lazy?


kbyrum - February 28

I've had problems with driving, but I have kept them to myself. For about two weeks, I was bouncing off of the medians on the way to work... I just don't have any other choice but drive myself. I couldn't handle the stairs either. I'm so glad my house is one story.


debbort - February 29

You need to tell your doctor your symptoms and not worry about how he interprets them. If he thinks you are just whiny or tells yu it is just in your head then you need to find another doctor or see a rheumatologist.



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