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Noni Juice
3 Replies
Auvonto - January 19

Has anyone ever heard of this juice? My aunt just told me about it as well as Unkers Salve. I used the salve and i do like the effects of it. my hands have started to clear from the ezema and the pain in not so bad. But the juice I heard is nasty tasting but they say works wonders. let me know if anyone has tried and how it has affected them and once i receive my bottle and try it for a while I'll let you know my experience. I need something.....tired of these pills :)


Fantod - January 20

Auvonto - Noni and Acai juice are both scams. They both tout all sorts of miracle cures. They are both sold through private distributors using a pyramid scheme. Unfortunately, I think that you have wasted your money. There is no miracle cure for Fibromyalgia. We are all collectively tired of gagging on pills morning, noon and night. Taking prescribed medication is,in fact, pretty much what works. There are alternative methods available which I use as well. I'd like to gently suggest that you try to stop focusing on pills and not being able to eat. You are making things much worse for yourself. Take care.


Auvonto - January 20

Fantod, I didnt think it would cure but just help. my husband thinks these pill are going to kill me. and so do I. I just dont know what to do anymore so I said what the hell just try it. I've wasted my money before on pills that didnt help as well. My aunt has been taking it for some time now and feels better so I wouldnt have even bought it without her input. I have spoken since to people who say they didnt benefit but I do value my aunt and she was only trying to help. I see my regular dr on Monday so I will address the eating issue then. I did finally eat lunch yesterday it felt good to finally get some food in my gut but then as before got super sleepy and exhausted. ugh Thank Fantod You look out for a great number of us and I for one do really appreciate it.


Fantod - January 20

Auvonto - We are all in this together. If any input that I may have is useful to someone, its all good. And, afterall, what are friends for...



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