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Fantod - October 19

Hi - Just checking in to see how you are doing now. Let us know when you get a minute free from your studies etc. P.S. I am asking because I care - hugs!


axxie - October 19

Hi Noca, I was thinking about you also. Sending you hugs and thoughts to you.


fibromite.u.k. - October 19

Hi Noca, I have also been thinking of you and also remembering you in my prayers. Do let us all know how you are doing. We all care about you. Gentle hugs........


Noca - October 19

Hey thanks all! I am still struggling with rapidly cycling moods. My therapist/psychologist undiagnosed me as borderline personality disorder yesterday, so that's a relief!

I am almost caught up in school, thanks solely to Addy!(Adderall XR, I have severe ADD but am NOT stupid). With Addy I can self-actualize and real my full potential in school. I have 95% average this semester so far.

I talked with my therapist/psychologist and she is gonna help me apply to university for this January!! I'm GOING TO UNIVERSITY!! yay!(one of my life long dreams) I'm only in college right now, in university prep program.

I will study social sciences honours program, with a major in psychology and a minor in pharmacolgy. My therapist/psychologist said that one day I may even have prescribing rights when I reach my dream of being a psychologist!! To help people and save lives, there is no greater calling in the world IMO.

My therapist also helped me talk about some past trauma and helped me lift that off my shoulders. She is sooo nice to me and is really supportive.

As for my pain, its being mostly controlled with my Fentanyl patches at 75mcg/h. I actually went a day without using any Dilaudid for breakthru pain!

I still struggle daily with suicidal thoughts and depression. I think that while I may be able to beat suicidal thoughts after doing DBT(dialectal behavioural therapy), I will always struggle with depression for the rest of my life.

I am determined to beat my illnesses!!! I will beat them or die trying. I have never given less than my best and I am incapable of turning away from a responsibility!

((((hugZ)))) to all you who care about me so much! I hope you all will too be able to self-actualize and overcome your pain and reach your dreams!


Stacey373 - October 20

Good for you, Noca! I'm so proud of you!

Between this post and the other one we've been talking on, you actually sound like you have a good positive attitude. I know depression isn't an easy thing to deal with...the constant ups and downs sometimes seem unbearable. But I believe that you will reach that goal of being a psychologist someday and just think of all the good you will be doing for someone else! You are going to make an amazing psychologist!

Don't give up! I need your support so I can accomplish my goals and actually not quit school this time! You've definitely inspired me and given me the confidence to do this. Thank You :o)

Take care, Stacey :o)



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