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no stamina
7 Replies
JavaGirl - December 29

I have been having a really tough time lately. Very down and depressed and absolutely no stamina. If I walk the dog around the block, I have to sit and rest because I feel winded and tired. I have been through heart testing (including a stress test) and all shows normal. I also suffer from a lot of dizziness and was recently diagnosed with meniere's disease (dizziness and ringing in ears). Do any of you suffer from the lack of stamina. Does getting back into exercise seem to help? Vitamins? Other suggestions?


Fantod - December 29

I am sorry you are struggling with fatigue. I use sublingual B-12 with folic acid to fight fatigue. My nutritionist suggested that I try it and it does help. Getting B-12 with folic acid is important. The folic acid is crucial to help you absorb. Be sure you understand the risks as well of the benefits before trying any supplement. Best of luck to you.


JavaGirl - January 2

Thank you for your response. I recently started taking a good multi-vitamin, which does include the B vitamins. I'm hoping it will help. I've also been reading that several people take turmeric with good results for inflammation. Heard any on that?


sailors_wifey - January 3

i started workin out and it helps at first. but you gotta be REALLY faithful for it to continue


JJ1 - January 3

I feel much better when I can exercise. Sometimes it is tough to do and I will feel sore and tired. I found what works best for me is to do exercise in small increments. Walking the dog is a great way to exercise and don't feel guilty about having to stop and rest. I do little things like taking the stairs at work and trying to park my car farther away from buildings rather than close up so I am forced to do some walking.


JavaGirl - January 4

Thanks for all your feedback. I guess we all know that exercise can help alleviate many, many ailments in life and it's important to form good habits and keep it up. Easier said than done...


Fantod - January 7

With regards to tumeric, I used it prior to seeing the nutritionist. I have osteoarthitis in addition to FMS. It did help but she switched me to the sulfate form of glucosamine chondroitin to fight inflammation. I think it works better than tumeric. I also take a good regular vitamin but that is simply not enough when dealing with chronic illness. It is important to eat a high protein diet in small increments throughout the day, and get as musch rest as possible. Your body is going to chew through the basics like an all purpose vitamin because of the level of stress it is operating under on a daily basis. One of the best things I have done is find a nutritionist who has experience with FMS. Her simple recommendations such as using B-12 with folic acid have made a big difference in my ability to get through the day. I hope that you are feeling a bit better about things. There are a lot of good listeners on this board. You are not alone out there. Let us know how you are doing.


lemonwafer - January 9

I feel that way all the time. Especially on the days I don't have to work. When I am at home I have no get up and go. I just lay in the bed.



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