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No sleep, anger, depression
3 Replies
Comedygirl - October 28

Last night was horrible for me. I was up till 5 am this morning felt like I needed to sleep and tried. I have so many things running through my head. like god I have to get better so I can get back to work or to be able to somehow live. I have filed for disability and have an Attorney but I still fear what will happen. If I dont get on disability then I really feel scared. I live with my boyfriend who is on disability because of chronic fatigue and some other things. Money is so tight right now and I just fear the future. I wanted to be the one to take care of us financially and that has stopped. After all the fears I finally got to sleep around 10:30 this morning and was up by 6:30. I do not feel well rested, I am very angry and everything is setting me off at this moment. I hate this one day I am so sweet the next next completely drained. I do have an appointment with a psychologist on the 2nd to see if something can be done. Any help on how anyone deals with anger? I am on my way to the bedroom to try and rest some more.


axxie - October 28

Oh dear, you are really going through loops. I know the feeling, when your minds just can't turn off.

First thing first, if you are in the US, have you tried Allsup, they help you with Social Security Disability. They will do a complete free no obligation SS disability evaluation for you. That should take care of your stress level. Also if you do use them, you can fire your attorney and save some money. Allsup has over 90% success rate.

Sleep with problems on your mind, is difficult at best, a few things you can do. Write everything down, questions, feelings etc., keep a book near your bedside, that way, if you have a nagging thought you can write it down. This should help you relax you. The saying is, out from your head, into a book, forget about it, so that you can sleep.

The therapies such as psychologist help people handle stress better, which helps control fibromyalgia episodes, When you're stressed out, that's when it's worse. That's when you're most likely to have insomnia, too.

Medications can help enhance sleep and relieve pain. But lifestyle changes will help you manage your sleep.

A few things you can do, is take a soothing bath, (in warm hot water. Try a few yoga stretches and deep breathing.

I hope you resolve your issues. Good luck to you and remember to return and let us know how you are doing.



Noca - October 28

It took me 2 days from filing the forms to getting a cheque in the mail from disability, and I didn't even get disability for pain, I got it for an anxiety disorder.

As for anger, I only get angry at people while driving (road rage). Taking a benzodiazepene like Clonazepam helps a lot with anger, could also solve your sleep problem while your at it too.


Fantod - October 29

I'd go online to Allsup and register. They will do a telephone interview with you to see if they think you'll qualify. If they do accept your case it should be resolved in 6 months or less. Then get rid of your attorney. Allsup has a 98% success rate. They take care of all the paperwork for you and are very nice to work with. I just got approved within the 6 month period. They take 25% of your backpay which is standard. I think they do a fabulous job and are much more reliable than using an attorney or attempting to filer yourself.

If you are having trouble sleeping pick up some Melatonin. You can find it at any healthfood store or even Walmart carries it. Get the lowest dose (1mg) to start. See if that works, if it doesn't take two tablets. Melatonin is used for jet lag for people who routinely bounce from one time zone to another. I use it and it does help. Be sure you understand any risks associated with taking it and follow the directions. Take care.



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