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No Prescriptions?
24 Replies
bmcgovern - February 26

I was wondering if there is anyone else who doesn't take any prescriptions and can manage there fibromyalgia pretty well? I do not take any prescriptions and yes i am in pain all the time, but i would rather go the natural route about it. The things i take daily are. Multivitamin and Mineral pills, Acidophilus, Cod Liver Oil, Digestacure. That's pretty much it. I usually get a massage for my neck and back and shoulder pain and try to do some stretching for my legs and the rest of my body. I do use Marijuana which seems to help me the most. It helps relax my muscles and helps me get a appetite and overall just great for me. Does anyone know of any natural medicines that help any muscle pain? Even know i am in pain all the time i just try to get through it for the most part. I don't work anymore and just try to get through day by day.


belle1329 - February 26

Yes, I too do not take perscriptions, and would rather take the natural route. I take a jacuzzi and try to go to the gym 2xs a week and take occasionally advil pm advil and or ibupro.and vitimans I ocassionally use Marajuana , I too am in pain most of the time , I do have good weeks/or days but sometimes more bad than good. I make it thru my days , and I do work, but its been a year and a half for me and hope I do not have to use perscriptions , as they donot agree with me.How long have you been diagnosed?


Canada17 - February 26

I would use prescriptions, if I could, but we have yet to find one that is effective that doesn't cause an adverse reaction.

I use marijuana daily; I put it in a coffee grinder and then into capsules. I take 0.5g orally every 4 hours as needed (and I pretty much need them everyday). While this is currently not a prescription, as long as my paperwork is approved, it will become one and I will be a Medicinal Marijuana License holder. My doctor is all for it and is so happy I have found something that actually works.

However, being that I have Fibro means my risk f developing cancer is higher. Plus, I was exposed to excessive second hand smoke all my life (until I was 23). So she highly cautions me against smoking it. But, smoking it has a different effect than ingesting it. Smoking helps more with destressing me, relieving anxiety, and regaining my appetite. While ingesting it does not cause me to be "high" yet relieves my pain to a tolerable (and sometimes almost gone) level within 30 minutes.

If anyone tried marijuana as a pain reliever, I would highly suggest doing so by way of ingestion. Most "bad" reactions to weed are as a result of "overdosing". While it's not the same as overdosing on narcotics, it does cause dizziness, paranoia, and the jitters. The same amount ingested does not cause the same effect. Though one time I did eat too large a brownie and ended up almost throwing up.

Marijuana is the only thing keeping me going.


kvc33 - February 26

Yes, I take ginger and tumeric which are both spices. I use the powdered form and make my own capsules, but you should be able to find them at a local health food store or on-line. Glucosamine and chondroitin are used as natural treatments for athritis and I have heard that they may help fibro as well. Arnica daisy gel is a topical treatment although I haven't tried it and it's a bit costly. Regular visits to the chiropractor help me immensely. Deep breathing, massage, and warm epsom salt baths also provide temporary relief. I wouldn't recommend pot as it is bad for your lungs (if you smoke) and contains a substance that can cause rebound anxiety. I tried an ultrasound home unit called sonic relief and using it provided about three hours of pain relief. Good if you have trouble spots.


Fantod - February 27

You could try taking Malic Acid (tablet) for muscle pain (825 mg a day). I've been using Curamin made by Terry Naturally in addition to my prescription meds for break through pain. IT seems to work pretty well most of the time. Both of these items should be available at a good health food store. But, you may have to look for the Curamin online. Take care.


bmcgovern - February 27

I have not technically been diagnosed, but i have gone to the doctors and have had tons of blood work done and they never find anything and i have been feeling this way for ten years now. It just seems as time goes on i keep developing new symptoms. My dad also has it and has had it for 12 years. I do use Marijuana everyday also, but i do smoke it and it really does help me. Especially getting a appetite and calms my moods and helps my stomach. I am going to the doctors next month to get more test done. I am really hesitant with doctors because i am nervous about trying to find a doctor who will be understanding and not think its all in my head. I mentioned it to a doctor one time and he just looked at me like i was stupid. I really do like going the natural way about things. I am very sensitive to prescriptions i always get side effects and i would rather feel better than feel worse with all the stupid side effects with prescriptions. My dad is the same way and uses all natural.


INPAIN - February 27

To Canada17 I have never heard of Fibromyalgia highering your risk for cancer i have read alot about Fibromyalgia and that was the first i heard of it they have did studieds to see and No having fibromyalgia does not have anything to do with cancer nor does it higher your risk.


Fantod - February 27

For those of you who are interested in smoking marijuana without the risks associated with smoking look into a vaporizer. Buy a good one like a volcano. You find information on vaporizers for weed online. Take care.


canadacalling - February 28

You are very lucky that you have access to this medica marijuana I also live in Canada, Ontario to be it, but just know that the Dr. here would never ever go along with it. Tell me how you get it into a capsule? Just inquisitive. Please let me know. Bye for now. canadacalling.


Fantod - February 28

Clean the weed - Discard seeds and stems. Grind up the remaining material to fine powder in a clean coffee grinder. Put it in a pan with oil - coconut oil does not go rancid. About a tablespoon of oil depending on the amount of weed - you want a paste as the end result. Heat to 300 degrees using a candy thermometer. This is a very important step - heating it too much will destroy the THC which alleviates pain. There will be vapor trails coming off of the pan when critical mass is reached. Remove from heat immediately and cool. You can buy a kit to load empty capsules and the empty capsules for about $25.00 online. Nothing too complicated except the heating process which must be monitored closely. Take care.


Canada17 - March 1

With regards to increase chance of cancer due to FM, my doctor told me this. I did not question why it increases our risk, I trusted her knowledge based on her credentials. I would imagine it has something to do with the way our body processes oxygen (free radicals)...I will clarify this with her when I see her next week.

With regards to pot causing anxiety. This is true, however it should be clarified that research has shown that is caused by two things, 1) that you've taken too much (overdose), or 2) that you suffer from anxiety to begin with. Anyone with any kind of psychosis or anxiety should not take marijuana for pain (or any other reason) as it can make matters worse for you. As with any drug, there are risks and benefits and those have to be weighed carefully.

The vapourizer is a great alternative to smoking as it does not put smoke into your lungs they can be very expensive though.

I do not make weed into oil as this can be dangerous (heating oil) and makes the house stink like crazy!

I simply remove the weed from the stems and grind with a coffee grinder. I then picked up some empty capsules at my local apothecary ($4.50+tax for 100). I put the ground product into a dish and scoop up the weed into them and then weigh each one with a jewelery scale I bought on ebay for $20. Please note that unless you have a license for medicinal marijuana you may not want to specify the use of the capsules to the pharmacy as they could refuse to give them to you. Luckily, my doctor called ahead and asked them to put some aside for me so I had no questions to answer.

Make sure you weigh the empty capsules first (the ones I get weigh 0.09g) then when you weigh the full capsule you can ensure a more accurate dosing. I fill them to around 0.34g which equates to .25g and I take two for a .5g dose every 4 hours. I have been doing this for almost three months now and the only side effect is the taste of weed when I burp and that only lasts for about 20 minutes, and if I don't burp, I don't notice it.

This process is much easier than cooking the weed down into oil. However, if you have trouble swallowing pills oil is the way to go as it is more concentrated and you can use smaller capsules.

We did this for a friend's grandfather who has cancer and is in a lot of pain. Nothing he was doing to manage his pain was working, so we cooked him some oil. He puts a couple of drops under his tongue when needed and it works like a charm. I am sure this doesn't taste the greatest but that's a small price to pay for comfort.


Canada17 - March 1

RE: "they have did studieds to see and No having fibromyalgia does not have anything to do with cancer nor does it higher your risk."

I've done a little more research and it seems the results are inconclusive. I've found studies saying no, it doesn't increase your risk, and others saying there is a strong enough "coincidence" that there could be a link. The problem with studies like this is that if you ask any group of people the right questions you can prove, or disprove, anything.

I'll touch back on this again after speaking with my doctor about it.

In this day and age though, everyone has to worry about the risk of cancer. So really, regardless of whether or not it increases our risk, we should already be doing things to reduce our risk.


kvc33 - March 1

Since vapors are something you breathe in, how is using a vaporizer safer than smoking weed? I just watched a documentary on pot and it said that over the years growers have bred pot to contain much much higher levels of THC than people had in the sixties. So much so that the drugs we had back then can't even be compared to what we have now. The breeding has also increased the chemical that causes rebound anxiety and can trigger schizophrenia in some people.


Fantod - March 2

Vaporization is a technique for avoiding irritating respiratory toxins in marijuana smoke by heating cannabis to a temperature where the psychoactive ingredients evaporate without causing combustion. You inhale a mist instead of actual smoke.

And, weed must be heated to release the THC. Ingesting it without heat is not productive. Take care.


Canada17 - March 2

kvc33, I watched the same documentary.

1 - They used vaporizers to administer weed to the study's participants. It is a safer way, because as Fantod explained, it takes the irritants out. It's no different than inhaling oxygen from the air.

However, Fantod, I have to disagree wholeheartedly with your comment that ingesting marijuana without heating it is not productive. I am a walking contradiction if that is true. You are less likely to feel "high" if you ingest but I can assure you, I feel pain relief within 30 minutes of ingesting just 0.5g of marijuana. And that is relief from severe pain. I don't cook it down into oil, it is far too much work for the same benefit.

2 - They explained in the study that pot does not *cause* schizophrenia. They said that anyone who is predisposed to mental disorders/psychosis should not use marijuana as it could make your issues worse. For comparison, Advil has this nasty side effect on 1 in 4000 people - it causes internal bleeding on the first dose. All drugs can have bad side effects, but pot doesn't make people "crazy", rather it brings to the forefront dormant issues and/or exacerbates an existing problem. Alcohol does not make someone an alcoholic, genetics do.

I use marijuana to effectively treat my anxiety. Yes, it can cause anxiety but so can anti-anxiety medication. Sleep aids can cause insomnia. Migraine medication can cause migraines.

I guess my point is that the documentary was extremely one-sided and it actually offended me that they only focused on the bad things that could happen. They don't have these documentaries on alcohol or legal narcotics and they didn't even touch on the many benefits of medicinal marijuana.

There is always two sides to every story, sometimes three.


firomama - March 17

while i by no means use "natural" methods to control symptoms, i applaud those of you that can. i for many years smoked pot bc i could. i loved it. it was the best way to calm my anxiety's. since becoming plaged w- fibro, pot is the last thing i need. smoking it makes my symptoms go crazy, especaily my RSL. it just means more norco. so i had to give it up. however, ive never taken it in capsule form. but honestly, im a little to scared to try. it just sucks bc if i could tolerate it and it helped, i would give up the pills so fast! LOL! so i guess the bottom line of this post is more power to ya! :)


Noca - March 18

I'm gonna give weed another try this weekend. My friend grows his own and claims to have a good strain. So I'll try it out for free.



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