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no longer speaking to my body
8 Replies
RavenFax - June 24

just a fun note. You can all tell I am a newby lol. So many posts so little time :). A friend sent me a text message the other day asking how my body was feeling that day. She has MS and some understanding of Fibro. My reply to her is I was not speaking to it anymore because it kept betraying me. Its very frustrating. Not being able to do some of the things I love because it causes flare ups. I am still learning what fibro is and how to deal with it. Thanks to sites like this one and the people here I think it might be a bit easier to get my mind wrapped around.

I might even start talking to my body again and forgive it.


tnichel - June 24

Hi RavenFax. I saw the title of your post and busted out laughing before I even entered it. lol. You definitely seem to have a demented sense of humor just like myself. My advice to you... keep it b/c you'll definitely need it with this condition. I have days when I talk to my body and say things like "please, not today" or "don't start this" I'm sure people think I'm a certifed nut when I do it in stores. Sometimes I lose it and resort to having a temper tantrum like a 2 years old child when my body doesn't do what I want it to. Like dropping something over and over again or having to go back home 4 or 5 times b/c it's a bad day and I keep forgetting stuff.

Just hang in there. Continue to bring your experiences, stories and thoughts here to share with us. You're very lucky to have a friend going thru a similar situation b/c it can be very hard to find someone who truly understands what you're experiencing and doesn't tire of hearing your ramblings. Laughter is the best medicine so laugh, baby, laugh. ;)


Gabbie - June 24

RavenFax, I like "fun notes" and even more, I like a sense of humor and a good outlook. Both are needed greatly when fibro comes a-calling. I also agree tnichel, that laughter is the best medicine and have used that "treatment" since being diagnosed almost 3 years ago. I also found that telling my close family members, closest friends and co-workers about the condition helps me to keep my wits about me even when the "fog" rolls in and to let them know that I haven't completely lost my mind. It's not as embarassing when you can be open with people and tell them a little of what sympoms this condition comes with. I do get my days when I have considerable pain, but I'm determined to not let the fibro win and even more determined to keep a smile on my face. I hate my body sometimes too, but I would hate myself more if I let the fibro ruin my life. I remind myself of the wonderful family I have which includes 2 beautiful little grandchildren and I will not give up. So there, fibro, you ain't gonna get me! I wish all of you well, and strength to keep a positive outlook.


RavenFax - June 24

I have found since i have been suffering for several years just undiagnosed that laughter and heavy metal music help lol. when I have a bad day i listen to angry music it helps me to get angry and get up. Once i am up the beat keeps me moving. then i switch to dance music. I am trying not to let myself get down. I had a Dr appointment today with my pc and he was unsypathetic to say the least. didn't want to hear about it. shrug. hope my rhumy has better feelings about it :) I will have to sick my 5 yr old on them (VEG)


DoxieLOVA - June 25

I love this! I feel so angry with my useless body most of the time. Maybe I'll take your lead and just stop speaking to it!


solanadelfina - June 25

Welcome, RavenFax, it's great to have you! Yes, humor and metal are powerful weapons in our arsenal- Evanescence is great for winding down after a hard day. I also enjoy starting the day off with funny webcomics and an ongoing videogame pun war on another website instead of coffee. :)

Celebrating good days, when the fibro is kept under your heel where it belongs, is just as important. The first time I made it through a dance class post-diagnosis, I looked down at my arms (where the pain had begun) and told the fibro to choke on my victory.

Please keep the fun posts coming! :)


RavenFax - June 25

I really enjoy my nintendo wii. I have to be careful of the games I play so I don't cause a flare up, but I LOVE to bowl! The one game that can keep me moving and give me music is rockband 2 for the wii. I am the bands drummer and gettin pretty good at it. you have to use both arms and one leg ( i switch off when one gets a bit sore) and even though it does cause pain it doesn't cause a flare up. I am currently praciticing "Get down with the sickness" by Disturbed. Younger kids that encounter me think me an anomoly because i can rock to say Steppin' Wolf as easily as I can to Dragon Force or Disturbed. Just cus I am old doesn't mean I have to be OLD lol. That is a bit of a sad note :/ I am battling being the block mom. I enjoy it too much to give up. Keep it real and don't forget to "Shout, Shout, Let it all out."



axxie - June 27

OH I love your sense of humor. I talk to myself most of the time, and I keep saying, just not now, will you!!! lol.....

I do like to drive and when I'm in a bad way, I just take my car for ride on the highway and blare my Santana music, a particular song that I like is "There's a monster, hiding under my bed" real cool, I like Santana he's the only one I listen to when I need to fix my mood, get me up and driving not that fast. (I don't drive the highway when it's busy, just when it's dark and I can drive a bit faster.....) it works for me.


RavenFax - July 1

Well recently I had to have a heart to heart talk with my body. My husband and I were spending quality time together and I had to tell it to knock it off. Lol. since then its trying to behave but it keeps getting bitten by the fibro bug. Saw my rhumy and he added a pain killer and sleep aid to my list. waiting on the sleep aide til my hubby is home from work one day to make sure there are no issues with it. So I guess I am speaking to it again. We will work it out. I have to listen at least so I know when not to keep going.

If things get too bad never be afraid to go outside and shout it out!




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