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No insurance - cant afford the tests - help
12 Replies
Linda - February 10

I went to my doctor a month ago when the pain just was unbearable. He believes it to be fibromyalgia. I have read over the list of symptoms and I have them all. I dont have insurance and I dont make enough money to afford seeing doctors and having the blood work done. Has anyone else faced this? Is there help for us? I am getting really afraid and finding it harder and harder to go to work. I take Aleve but it just doesn't work. I feel absolutely alone. I will sincerely appreciate any response for others out there.


Suffering - February 2

This is an excellent question I have a somewhat affordable discount program I belong to but my alot of the test and name brand drugs are not covered so I am forced to used the older medications. It costs me 65.00 a month for the coverage I have it does pay for itself many times over, but it does have it's limitations.


louise - February 2

bless your heart, try not to stress, for sure that will only make things worse.have you looked into county or state help.


Linda - February 2

Thank you so much for offering help. I would be very interested in knowing more about your discount program. Louise, I have just found out about this and I hurt so much that I get afraid that it is something horrible. I dont know where to start. Will the county or state help if I am still working. My doctor was little to no help. I couldnt afford the blood tests so he told me to come back if I could ever afford them. I'm not trying to whine because there are so many others that are experiencing this kind of pain and my heart is with them. I'm just trying to seek help from those that have been down this road a little longer than me.


louise - February 3

I don't know Linda, but I would think it is worth asking. and what about your family . have you asked them.


Suffering - February 3

I can give you a link to the site for information my doctor's billing dept. recommended this company to me. I do not qualify for any assistance and I have not worked in 16 months due to my surgery and then the onset of FM. Hope this helps. Another site you may be able to use not knowing your situation is they offer a wide variety of services for all types of issues.


Suffering - February 3

You will have to copy and paste these into your browser.

I figured this might be easier to read.
Good Luck


Suffering - February 3

If these do not work (I do not like how the links post here let me know and I can email you.
There are 2 seprate sites.


Linda - February 3

Ask you doctor to refer you to a pain specialist.Does it cost money when there is a referral?


Cass - February 4

I'm in the same boat.. No insurance and I am still in school. A part time job will not cover all the initial consultation let alone all the tests that will need to be done... I fall between the cracks they say... Makes you feel like of like no one cares.. I hope you find some answers maybe you can find a clinic in your area that will let you pay based on your income I can't find one here but i know they are out there some places.. Good luck!


louise - February 4

have you tried your local health department


Dee - February 6

Linda, I work for a large health insurance company and my fibromyalgia treatments are not covered because they are "alternative treatments not covered by my plan." Can you believe that crap??!!!! I talked to the insurance person in my doctor's office and was very fortunate to find out that because my insurance does not pay for any of my treatments, my doctor gives a HUGE discount for cash payment and I can make monthly payments. You might want to give it a try with your doctor. Good luck!


Joni - February 10

If you have no insurance and don't qualify for title 19,medicare or medicaid, I would suggest going to a mental health clinic and applying for assistance through your county (they can help you with paperwork). That way you can get support through a Dr. there & counseling for support on a sliding pay scale according to your income. Also, many pharmaceutical companies have patient assistant programs to help get medications at no cost or your Dr. can provide you with free samples & coupons for meds.
We need more public awareness on this terrible illness! It is NOT in your head. You are NOT a hypochondriac or crazy! Many symptoms go with fibromyalgia and it is REAL! I am truly sorry we all have to deal with this pain & suffering everyday. Please learn ways to cope and each day ask yourself "What can I do that is nice for me today." It may be taking a long bubble bath, listening to your favorite song, lighting a candle or giving/receiving a hug. Anything that you can do to appease the senses is very helpful as we are sensitive to all 5 senses. Be around people who move you in a positive direction. I hope this helps someone...Sincerely Joni



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