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Debra. - August 7

Hello: To all of you.My Name is Debra and i Have Fibromyalgia.I just would like to tell you that i think all of you are very strong and wonderful people.I'v been reading all of your questions and coments for the past six months or more.I must say that you are all trying and fighting very hard to win this horrible fibromyalgia/chronic pain battle.You are not alone.When you try to explain to your family,friend,husband and so on what you have and what your going through it is very hard for them to understand because they do not suffer as you do.But,we all out here do.and we understand and feel your pain and loss.We can really help each other and come together as one big family to try to find a way to cope.There really is no quick fix or cure for fibromyalgia,but that does not mean that we should give up hope.Doctors can only help you with med's.Doctors have no cure.The best thing that you can do for yourself is to stop chasing rainbows for a have to learn to live with your illness and to try not to be so hard on your self.Ask for help when you need it.Cry when you need to.Shout at the top of your lungs when you need to.You are human and your all going through hell.So pat your self on the back and know that you are doing the best that you can every day.I wish i could make all of your pain and suffering go away.I wish that i could be the best friend that you have ever had.And i wish that i could give you all a great big hug and dry your tears for you.But i cannot do all of those things, so i will try to help in any way i can,even if it is just to make you smile inside your heart.I truly care for all of you and my heart goes out to each and every one of you.PLEASE,PLEASE DONT EVER GIVE UP HOPE.ONE DAY THEY WILL FIND A CURE,BUT UNTIL THAT SWEET DAY COMES LETS HELP EACH OTHER TO LEARN TO COPE THE BEST THAT WE CAN.GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. TAKE GOOD CARE. DEBRA.


Lynne - June 3

What a wonderful thoughtful post. I wish the same for you. There are so many days I just want to have go by just to get to another hoping I will feel better. Then I realize those days that pass are days I can never get back.
I no longer am working I can not find a job flexiable enough for my re-hab, doctors visits and my flare-ups. I spend what time I can working on my web site trying to help others.


Debra - June 5

Hi:Lynne Thanks so much for your kind words.As each day passes and life seems to be so hard try to do something special for yourself.It could be having your favorite cup of tea or looking at pictures before you became ill,knowing that you have had some really good times in your life and that one day again you will smile ,laugh and make new lasting beautiful memories.I wish you all the good health and happiness that you truly deserve.Take care. Debra.


Debra - June 6

Hi: To all of you out here in fibromyalgia land.I hope that someone today gives you a big hug and tells you that you are special,because you are.You have pain day in and day out,but you never give up fighting to be well.GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU . AND DONT GIVE UP. TAKE CARE. DEBRA.


Debra - June 7

Hi: I'd like to say hello to JJ,Jean and Lynne.Thanks for all your replys.Take Care. Debra.


Debra - June 9

Hi: To all of you out here.I'd like to know where all of you great people out here live?.I'm from Toronto Ontario,Canada.Hope to hear from you soon.Hugs. Debra.


Debra - June 17

Hello: to all of you suffering out here.Just want to warn you once again that Anne from the web site is out here again to convince you that taking the cough medicine and tons of tums are safe.NO,NO they are not safe for anyone to take everyday.PLEASE listen to me that they are not candy they are drugs.Tums is a very cheap form of calicum and taken so much everyday causes calicum buildup on your bones.With long term use it has been known to cause osteoperosis.Cough medicine does not make you cough out Fibromyalgia.Anne states that your body is congested from your fibro this is true,but it is a fact that taken cough medicine does not de-congest your body fluids.With fibro your not getting enough oxygen to keep your blood flowing smoothly to help this problem.You can buy a cheap mini trampoline at walmart for $30.00. I know what youre thinking ,that there is no way that you can exercise when you are in extreme pain and have no energy at all.Only 5 minutes a day thats 5min.You will become stronger ,you will lose weight and have less pain.The trampoline is the best way to get your body fluids moving and to feed those painful muscles oxygen fast.Also eat 2 apples daily and drink lots of pure water not tap water.If you cannot do 5 minutes a day then try less time or every other day.This will also help your body detoxify by slowly getting your body to sweat again.With the trampoline you will never stress your muscles or hurt your joints.Look up some information about mini trampolines on the net.Discuss this with your doctor first as with any new method that you want to try.I wish all of you the best of health from the bottom of my heart.P.S. I would like to get anne off of this forum and so do many others.She is not a doctor she might think that she is helping people but she is not.Take Care. Debra.


tara - June 19

thanks debra, you're an angel on earth.........


Debra - June 20

Hi:Tara That is the sweetist thing that anyone has ever said to me,Thank you for your very warm kind reply.Please tell me something about yourself and what you have experienced with having this horrible fibromyalgia.I'm a very honest person that is living this hell with fibro.I like to help other people that are in pain and that are suffering.There are alot of nice people out here that dont have anyone to talk to and to listen to them.Alot of the people out here feel like they are alone,but they are not.We have each other.I hope to hear from you soon.Take Good Care .Debra.


Debra - July 9



Chris - July 10

Thanks for the info on Fibrofix. We have to look out for each other. People with Fibro can easily become victims of scams. I don't know anything about Fibrofix though.


Debra - July 18

Hi:Chris Thanks so much for your reply.Yes there are alot of people on this fourm promoting books,products etc.You have to be very careful of scams and of people that are trying to act on behalf of a Doctor.There is no cure at this time but,we dont have to give up hope.The best thing to do is to learn how to cope with the pain of fibromyalgia's symptoms.And find a way that is custom to your needs.Everyone out here has different symptoms and different levels of pain.Alot of the people out here are really honest and do suffer alot.I wish you well.Yours truly...Debra.


Chris - July 18

Today, my neck is really bad. Been fighting with the pain all day. I'm going to get tested for Cervical Spondylosis soon. Well, I hope it's soon. Take care. Chris


Carrie - July 19

WOW! Debra, what a great email!!! I'm so lucky to have found this forum today. Just got my diagnosis today, after 4 years of dealing with many doctors, tests, therapists, and a lot of people who believed I had fibro, but never had a rheumotologist or MD diagnosis it. Yes, the diagnosis helps. Finally, here's a basket I can put all my angst into. Not pleasant to deal with the pain, etc., but at least now when people ask "well, what's wrong with you?", I have a one-word, catch-all illness. Fibromyalgia. There is more understanding and acceptance for fibro now, I believe. There's just too many of us out there! I just started with this new MD and wish like heck I'd taken good advice and found new MD sooner. So, if anyone out there is sort of sure they have fibro, but their MD says "I don't believe in that diagnosis", start looking for a new MD!! Please. This kind, compassionate woman even mentioned to me that even though there is no cure, some people will outgrow fm. Has anyone heard of that? That after 3, 5, 10 years of suffering with fibro, they lose all their symptoms? Hugs to everyone out there. I'm going to continue reading, and writing. God Bless you all.


tanner - July 20

"The best thing that you can do for yourself is to stop chasing rainbows for a have to learn to live with your illness..."
YOU ARE REINFORCING HORRIBLE & DAMAGING BELIEFS THAT ARE NOT TRUE. statements like that are a death sentance for people!!! CUT IT OUT & SPEAK ONLY FOR YOURSELF!!!! you bodymind is clearly out-of-whack, help yourself!!!??? YOU WILL GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU BELIEVE, nothing more & nothing less. if it seems simple, it's because it IS.


Debra - July 21

Hi:Tanner What is it that you think im saying out here that is bad???????.Id really like to know..Really read what i have written.And why are you repeating some of my words.


Debra - July 22

Hi:Carrie Thank you so much for your reply.I sorry to hear that your not well.The lady that you have mentioned might be in remission.I also heard that with some of the lucky ones that there fibromyalgia went away for a few years but,then it came back.I have had it for 4 years and mine is everyday.Do you have any burning pain or does your skin sting like you have a bad sunburn?.I hope you feel better soon.Yours Truly Debra...P.S. Watch out for the snakes out here.There are alot of good honest people and a few bad angry ones out here.



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