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Nighttime incontinence anyone??
8 Replies
iliveinpain - July 27

This is a new thing. I'm undergoing tests right now with my gyne office, but I was just wondering if anyone else has this. I'm ok during the day, but at night, I have to wear a pad?? Very depressing!!!


Noca - July 27

With chronic opioid use its hard enough to pee as it is when I want to let alone peeing when I don't. I just stand there at the toilet for about 15 minutes hoping and wishing.


iliveinpain - July 28

Wow Noca, that's just as bad if not worse than what I'm going through :(



I am not alone! Ever since I was put on the Morphine, I cannot pee! I have the urge like I am going to pee my pants, go into the bathroom and a few drops trickle out? It is soo annoying!
I had this before when I was on the fentanyl patch. Went to see a specialist, they checked for interstical cystitus and also did another test. Come to find out nothing was wrong with my bladder. This is a HORRIBLE feeling to have! Not being able to pee? I feel bloated and just completely FULL.
What do you do to help it?

I am sorry, that wouldn't be fun to go through. Hang in there, hopefully your doctor can figure out what can help you.


Noca - July 28

INPAINDAILYJC I find running the tap water and sitting on a cold seat instead of standing helps me be able to pee. I still have to wait for quite sometime using much mental power to make it happen.

If the problem gets severe males can use a drug called an "alpha-blocker" to help them pee. I don't know if it works for women though. You could ask your doctor about that.


kanodm - August 1

I actually have fecal incontinence. I also have a rectal seal. So my primary doc sent me to a colorectal person who said yes you do have a rectal seal. You need to go to a physical therapist for butt exercises!!!!! Well needless to say I didn't go. I have so many other health issues going on I just wear a pad. There are sooooo many idiot doctors out there it is very scary!



I have tried the running water and that just doesn't seem to help much. I have tried taking a small plastic cup (obviously one that I will not use again to drink out of!) and putting warm water in it, and slowly pouring it down there and sometimes that will help the stream start. I know I have to talk to my doctor because it is driving me insane! on top of everything else, I do not NEED this going on! UGH!
And of course I can't take a cup with me when I go to the bathroom at work. People would like at me like I was crazy!
I wish I had an answer or magic pill to give all of us Fibro sufferers some relief. Guess we just do what we can and try to make things AS GOOD AS WE CAN. I understand there isn't a cure and this will not KILL me, but sometimes when I am having a bad flare, I wish it would all go away. Thank God I go to church, have family and this support group. I would have lost it plenty of times.
Take care all!
Wishing you the best day you can have.


hollowsnothorcruxes - August 5

Noca- have you tried muscle relaxers? If you can't relax your pelvic floor muscles a muscle relaxer might help. Or if the side effects of the opiates are that bad you might talk to your doctor about trying something else.

I live in pain- I have to pee constantly night & day b/c of weakness in my pelvic floor muscles. So far I've been able to control it mostly. I'm worried though. I don't want to wear a diaper. Maybe a walking regiment & kegels would help strengthen the muscles. If you take muscle relaxers maybe you should lower the dose or switch kinds.


Ducati916 - August 18

I suffer with incontinence but mine is all the time. Unfortunately, I have been back and fore to specialists for the last 3 years and they still haven't been able to help me. I am keeping my fingers crossed and if I get any answers I will let you know.



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